“They’re trying to cover something up”: Controversy surrounds Maui wildfires as claims of direct energy weapons emerge

The devastating Maui wildfires that erupted in early August have left the Hawaiian region grappling with destruction and loss. As the flames continue to smolder, various theories about the fire’s origin have emerged, creating a lively debate among experts and netizens alike. While some attribute the inferno to climate change, others speculate about an electric fault being the catalyst. Amidst the discourse, a claim gaining traction suggests that Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) might be involved in igniting the flames.

A viral video circulating on the internet captures the aftermath of the Maui wildfires, showing charred vehicles and scorched surroundings. Netizens are sharing this video with assertions that it serves as evidence of the use of direct energy weapons. A prominent social media user, @TOPDOGE007, expressed skepticism by stating, “They’re trying to cover something up.”

The Maui fire, which ignited on August 8, 2023, has inflicted tragic consequences, claiming the lives of over 100 people. This calamity stands as one of the deadliest wildfires in the United States, obliterating approximately 2,700 structures in the town of Lahaina.

As the viral video continues to capture attention, reactions are varied. Many internet users perceive the video as a revelation of hidden truths, while others support the DEW claims, pointing to the abundance of online content discussing the theory. This growing belief in the potential involvement of direct energy weapons is prompting some to question the veracity of the natural fire narrative.

Notably, this isn’t the only video circulating with the DEW claim. Prior videos depicted towering trees amidst the ashes of burned buildings and structures in the Maui region, further fueling speculation about DEW’s role.

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However, Dr. Rory Hadden, a senior lecturer and fire investigations expert at the University of Edinburgh, offers a different perspective. In an interview with BBC, Hadden explained that the sight of standing trees amidst fire-ravaged areas is not uncommon. Thick pieces of wood often struggle to sustain combustion, and the moisture content of trees can inhibit their burning process.

Maui: Evidence of Direct Energy Weapon? pic.twitter.com/TJhKyPOp5v

— Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) August 28, 2023

“Burning through a large piece of wood takes a long time, thick pieces of wood are usually not able to sustain burning on their own, and the high moisture content of trees will also make them hard to burn,” Hadden elucidated.

As investigations into the Maui wildfires continue, the debate surrounding their cause persists. While speculations range from climate change to electric faults and direct energy weapons, experts like Dr. Hadden advocate for rigorous analysis and comprehensive understanding to unravel the truth behind this disastrous incident.

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