These Changes on Facebook Privacy Settings will Protect Your Privacy

Facebook privacy is a major concern for every user of this social media platform. The platform has never been particularly good at prioritizing your privacy. But after the “Cambridge Facebook Analytics Scandal”: the biggest data breach ever, Facebook offers a powerful set of tools to manage and control user privacy on the platform as well as on the web.

Even with Facebook’s new privacy changes, privacy-related reports are regularly dropping. As a result, users will have trouble managing the privacy of their accounts on the platform. Many users have reported that Facebook’s privacy settings are not easy to handle and that it also does not provide the level of protection they want or require.

If you are worried that Facebook is collecting too much of your personal information and want to manage the security of your account, then this post is for you. Here in this blog, we will guide you on “how to change or manage privacy settings on Facebook“.

Check it out on Facebook’s Privacy Settings

  • Go to your Facebook Profile
  • Open the option See “What Other People See on Your Profile”
  • Facebook allows you to view as a visitor, which gives you an overview of your profile from a stranger’s perspective. To do so, go to the padlock image in the upper right corner of your Facebook profile. Now tap on “Who can see my stuff”
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Change privacy settings on older posts

Adjusting the privacy settings on your older Facebook posts is an easy task. To modify the settings, follow the steps below.

  • To change privacy settings on older posts, go to Facebook profile page, now open settings and switch to privacy.
  • You should now be able to see the “Limit previous posts” section on it.
  • This will change the privacy of older posts.

Protect your privacy on Facebook

There are some DIY tips provided below that can help you improve your Facebook privacy settings and protect your information on the largest social media platform.

Important Facebook privacy settings:

Erase all your personal information

To protect your information from your Facebook account, you need to delete all your personal data like phone number, date of birth, etc. This is an important first step to protect your privacy. To remove information from your account, follow the steps below.

From the browser

  • Open an account and access the profile by clicking on the photo.
  • From profile go to “About” section
  • Now delete the information you don’t want to keep on your profile by clicking Options or edit the link. However, Date of Birth and Gender details can be modified but can also be deleted.

From mobile device

  • Open an account on the mobile app and go to the News Feed option.
  • Now tap the picture icon
  • Go to profile and tap on “Edit public details”, now go to the lower part of the screen and tap on the “Edit your info” option.

Limit the data that Facebook Partners collect

Signing up for sites like Yelp, Triplet and many others that use Facebook gives them access to your data like your photo, name and other details. However, you can limit the data by using a password manager or browsing the Facebook settings.

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Manage who sees your posts and personal data

Facebook is a public platform where anyone can view or view your information. However, you can manage or control who can see and who can’t by modifying your privacy settings on Facebook. To control your shared posts, follow the steps below.

From a web browser

  • Open your Facebook profile page, go to settings and select the “Privacy” option.
  • In the “Your Activity” section, explore “Who can see your future posts?” and hit the “Edit” option
  • Now from the drop-down menu to choose who can see your post: three options will be given like Public, Friends, Exclude friends and custom or only you.

You can change the settings for a specific post while creating or publishing it.

From the mobile app

  • Open Facebook profile and go to “Settings & Privacy” option then select “Privacy Shortcuts” from there select “View more privacy settings”
  • From the “Your Activity” section, you can choose “Who can see your future posts,” “restrict who can see your past posts,” and “Who can see list of people, Pages, and friends on your Facebook profile.

The safety tips outlined above are a useful standard measure in protecting you on Facebook.


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