“The Low Tone Club” Is Set To Premiere On Disney+

The Low Tone Club, a new Colombian comedy-drama, will be released on Disney Plus on February 22, 2023, at 3:00 a.m. ET. The Spanish version of the program stars Latin luminaries such as Carlos Vives and Julián Arango. Since its first publication, the trailer for the new comedy series has received great feedback:

According to the show’s official synopsis:

“Amaranto Molina, an unorthodox music instructor, teaches at a school that specializes in music instruction. The institution follows archaic regulations and disadvantaged pupils who do not fulfill commercial success benchmarks.”

The program will be produced by TeleColombia for The Walt Disney Company and will consist of 10 thirty-minute episodes.

Carles Vivos, a Latin music icon, will play an unorthodox music instructor in The Low Tone Club.

Carlos Vives, a household figure in the Latin music business, is certainly the show’s crowning achievement. Vives sprang to prominence with the 1994 release, La Gota Fria, and has over 13 albums and 30 singles to his credit. Carlos Vives’ career has taken off after the success of La Gota Fria. Following back-to-back successes in the shape of four big albums and 17 singles, he eventually won his first Grammy in 2002 for Déjame Entras, becoming the first Colombian to do so.

The Low Tone Club

In The Low Tone Club, audiences will witness Carlos Vives return to the screen as an unconventional music teacher, Amaranto Molina, who manages a group of pupils who are struggling to make their mark at a music school. Carlos Vives also created a song for the show called Tumbando Muros.

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This is not, however, the first time Carlos Vives has been observed working with Disney. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“In addition, the Grammy and Latin Grammy winner has interpreted the song ‘Colombia, My Encanto,’ which features in the trailer for the animated film “Encanto.”

A synopsis of The Low Tone Club’s premise and characters

According to the plot’s official description:

“Amaranto Molina, an unorthodox music instructor, starts teaching at a music school where only pupils who match the commercial success ideal are advanced.

Every year, the administration chooses five students who are dubbed the “High Tones” and become members of the school’s famed adolescent band.”

The description continues:

“Molina is in charge of the “Low Tones,” a group of pupils whose skills fall short of the school’s expectations. The headstrong instructor and the “Low Tones” go on a musical journey in which the unusual ways of the teacher help heal scars and motivate each of them to exhibit their own skills. The kids come across their teacher’s enigmatic backstory along the road.”

The Low Tone Club

In addition to Carlos Vives, the cast of The Low Tone Club features Julián Arango, who plays Eduardo Kramer, the school’s administrator. Arango is most recognized for his appearances in popular Colombian films such as Metástasis (2014), The Cartel (2008), and Te Amo Ana Elisa (2009). Kevin Bury (“Pa-Pi-Yón”), Elena Vives (“Amalia”), Brainer Gamboa (“Romario”), Mara Fernanda Marn (“Lala”), Catalina Polo (“Martina”), Gregorio Umaa (“Raphaelo”), Manuela Duque (“Roxana”), Salomé Camargo (“Cami”), Juan Camilo González (“Dardo”) ( “Lina”).

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