Temidayo Awe Video, Case, Sentence, Parents, Mother, Family & Instagram

TATemidayo Awe Video, Case, Verdict, Parents, Mother, Family & Instagram

Who are Temidayo Awe’s parents? People became curious about Temidayo Awe after she was identified as one of the Honeytrap killers.

Temidayo Awe and Surpreet Dhillon set up a honey trap for Saul Murray, eventually killing the father of six. The plan was to steal Murray’s Rolex watch, but the robbery failed which resulted in his murder, a case known as the “Honey Trap Murder”.

Surpreet Dhillon specifically targeted Saul Murray after seeing photos of his Rolex watches on Instagram, but those watches turned out to be fake. Dhillon, a mother, planned the honey trap by contacting Murray and traveling from London to his home in Luton.

Dhillon and her friends came up with this plan after seeing Murray’s posts that seemed to show off his wealth and luxury watches.

Temidayo Awe Parents, Mother and Family – Where do they come from?

Temidayo Awe’s parents are from Gillingham, England. Not much information is available about their specifics.

Temidayo Awe, 21, arrived in Luton with Dhillon associates on February 26, 2022, to meet Murray and have a drink at his home. CCTV footage shows them arriving at his apartment, and Awe is later seen leaving the apartment.

CCTV footage captured Temidayo Awe, a student at Coventry University, during an episode of Channel 4 24 Hours in police custody. She’s about to cry as she prepares to make a heartbreaking phone call after being arrested in connection with the Luton honey trap murder of Saul Murray.

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In the video, Awe can be seen holding her phone and crying, exclaiming, “Oh my God, is this my life?” She also expressed her disappointment at letting her mother down. Awe, a third-year college student, is one of four people charged with the murder of Murray on February 27, 2022.

Awe was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years in prison for her role in this heinous scheme, dubbed a “honey trap” murder.

Temidayo Awe Case, Sentence

Little is known about the Temidayo Awe family. She is in her third year at Coventry University in the UK.

The case of Temidayo Awe was highlighted in the two-part crime special on Channel 4. Awe is one of four people charged with the murder of Saul Murray, described as a honey trap murder.

Awe and Surpreet Dhillon plotted to drugged and rob Murray after seeing pictures of him wearing a Rolex on Instagram. Awe’s student home in Coventry was raided by police, and she was charged with murder, later reduced to manslaughter.

CCTV footage shows Awe leaving Murray’s apartment with Dhillon and then returning with the two men. The naked Murray was seen stumbling towards the front door of the apartment before collapsing to the floor. They were all found guilty and sentenced to prison.

The conspiracy, according to Judge Michael Simon, was “nonsense.” Temidayo expressed sadness and disappointment after being sentenced while remembering his family.

Saul Murray was discovered naked and covered in blood at the shared entrance of his apartment on New Town Street in Luton last February.

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This happened after his male accomplices, Ikram Affia and Cleon Brown, were called in because the drug administered by Temidayo Awe and Surpreet Dhillon failed to render him unconscious.

Terrifying video Temidayo

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