Taylor Swift Announced Her Upcoming Song Title On Tiktok

Taylor Swift, the American pop singer, has revealed the title of a new song from her next album, Midnights. Taylor Swift announced the title of the 13th track off her next album, Mastermind, in a TikTok video titled Midnight’s Mayhem with Me. On the album’s cover, the songs were formerly labeled as “Track One,” “Track Two,” and so on. Midnights is Swift’s ninth studio album, and the standard edition will have 13 songs. Side A will include six songs, while Side B will have seven. Swift made no mention of any collaborations for her new album, which she revealed at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month.

Her regular collaborator, Jack Antonoff, with whom she has collaborated on her past albums, including 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore, was recently featured in a behind-the-scenes video on her Instagram.

Taylor Swift fans react to the release of a new song from her next album.

Taylor Swift’s revelation of her 13th single off the album, which is due out in a month, elicited ecstatic reactions from fans.

taylor swift – midnights aesthetic pic.twitter.com/FnZGSjor8z

— Taylor Throwbacks🕛 (@ThrowbackTaylor) September 16, 2022

Taylor swift- midnights era pic.twitter.com/MWphDeIPre

— Raifa🤍 (@banditlikeswift) September 20, 2022

Midnights album pre-order, release date, and other information from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift revealed Midnights during the MTV Video Music Awards in August, when she won Video of the Year for her project, All Too Well: The Short Film (10-minute version), for outstanding long-form video and directing. The following is her Instagram post regarding the new album:

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“Midnights, a collection of 13 restless evenings from my life, will be released on October 21. Meet me at 12 a.m.”

Taylor Swift

The album will be available for pre-order on Spotify and Apple Music on October 21. Vinyl, CD, and cassette tape versions of the record will be available. The album may be pre-ordered via Swift’s website and will be delivered on the album’s release date. There are now four color variations of the record available: Moonstone Blue Edition (the normal edition), Jade Green Edition, Blood Moon Edition, and Mahogany Edition. According to Taylor Swift’s website, each version includes:

  • 13 songs
  • one of four collectible albums featuring
  • one-of-a-kind front and back cover art
  • one of four collectible disc artworks
  • one of four collectible marbled color CDsa collectible lyric booklet with never-before-seen pictures

The album is also available in a clean version, implying that the normal edition includes explicit material.

NSAI has recognized Taylor Swift Songwriter-Artist of the Decade.

Taylor Swift was voted Songwriter-Artist of the Decade by Nashville Songwriters Association International on September 20. (NSAI). Swift remarked during the award ceremony at the Ryman Auditorium:

“I’ve learned through working in the entertainment industry for a long time that this sector functions with a very new, new, new, next, next, next attitude.” We’re all hoping for one amazing year as artists and songwriters. One fantastic record cycle. One fantastic run on the radio. And nowadays, one song gets viral on TikTok. “A lovely time in the sun.”

Taylor Swift

She continued, saying:

“I mention all of this because I’m up here accepting this lovely award after a decade of labor, and I can’t express how wonderful it feels.” Because, in my opinion, this is an award that recognizes a series of events. Challenges. Gauntlets were placed. Albums that I am proud of. Triumphs. Misfortune or good fortune. Loud, humiliating blunders, their eventual recovery, and the lessons learned from it all.”

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Swift then said that she has developed genres for her lyrics. Quill Lyrics, Fountain Pen Lyrics, and Glitter Gel Pen Lyrics are the three genres. She went on to remark that the “Quill” type genre is for phrases and phrasings that are outdated. She said that the majority of her songs are in the “Fountain Pen style,” which relates to a current tale or allusions. The last genre for Taylor Swift’s lyrics is Glitter Gel Pen, which refers to lyrics that are frivolous, carefree, bouncy, and precisely syncopated to the rhythm.

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