Susan Carter Missing Update 2023: Is she found?

In a stunning twist in the longstanding cold case involving Susan Carter and her daughter Natasha “Alex” Carter, new evidence has come to light, casting doubt on previous assumptions.

Initially, Susan Carter was the prime suspect in a 23-year-old kidnapping case that dated back to 2000. The disappearance occurred amidst a bitter custody battle with her husband, Rick Lafferty. On August 8, 2000, Susan, then 41 years old, and her 10-year-old daughter Natasha vanished, leaving behind an ominous message from Susan, suggesting Rick would never see his daughter again.

For years, law enforcement believed Susan had abducted her daughter, with FBI wanted posters highlighting her as the key suspect and a $10,000 reward for her apprehension.

However, 2023 brought a surprising turn of events. West Virginia State Police uncovered fresh evidence suggesting that Susan and Natasha disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In response, two search warrants were executed at the Carters’ last known residence in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

The FBI’s crime scene team has identified and collected additional forensic evidence related to the case, although the specific details have not been disclosed to the public.

The search warrants were carried out at a residence owned by Larry Dell Webb, marked by visible signs of forensic investigation, including sections of removed drywall and tile flooring.

As the Susan Carter and Natasha “Alex” Carter case continues to captivate the nation’s attention, more questions than answers remain. The mystery surrounding their disappearance has endured for over two decades, leaving the public wondering: has Susan Carter finally been found?

The recent developments have led law enforcement agencies to double the reward to $20,000 for any information leading to the discovery of Susan and Natasha Carter. Authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information that may help solve this baffling cold case. Individuals with information are encouraged to contact the West Virginia State Police Beckley Detachment.

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Amidst the uncertainty, the loved ones of Susan Gail Carter and Natasha “Alex” Carter remain in the thoughts and prayers of a nation. The twists and turns in this decades-old cold case have undoubtedly taken a toll on their family, who continue to hope for a reunion and answers to the questions that have haunted them for so long.

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