Stephen Tompkinson Wikipedia, Latest, News, Net Worth, Illness, TV Show, Brother

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Stephen Tompkinson Wikipedia, Latest, News, Net Worth, Illness, TV Shows, Brother

Stephen Tompkinson Wikipedia, Latest, News, Net Worth, Illness, TV Shows, Brother – Stephen Tompkinson, British actor, admits to being “a bit angry” when he discovered two drunks next to him outside his house but insists he will hit a man. “suicide career.”

Stephen Tompkinson Wikipedia, Latest, News, Net Worth, Illness, TV Shows, BrotherStephen Tompkinson Wikipedia, Latest, News, Net Worth, Illness, TV Shows, Brother

At dawn on May 30, 2021, the 57-year-old DCI Banks actor was accused of hitting a drunken man making “strange noises” to the ground outside his residence.

Tompkinson testified in court on Tuesday that Karl Poole did not punch him and that he was “not responsible” for the double skull fracture caused by Poole’s head hitting the concrete.

Tompkinson allegedly confronted Mr Poole and his traveling companion Andrew Hall, both “heavily intoxicated” when he left the house at around 5:30am wearing only his pajamas and overcoat.

In addition to worrying about broken glass where his partner’s children were playing, Tompkinson described seeing the men as a “terrible sight” when he first saw them.

The Ballykissangel singer testified in his defense, claiming he reached out to stop Mr Poole from coming near and touching his face, but that it was “not enough to bring him down.”

Tompkinson replied, “Absolutely not,” when asked by his attorney Nicholas Lumley if he had gained anything by hitting Mr. Poole. Everyone in public has the potential to be your audience, so you should always treat them with respect.

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Doing something outrageous like attacking someone would be career suicide. Since being charged with grievous bodily harm, Tompkinson says his acting profession has been “taken away” and “any relationship with me has been suspended” while the judicial process continues. law is taking place.

“I’m not trying to compare my situation with the injury Karl suffered,” he told the court, “because they don’t compare.”

Jurors learned that Mr Poole had suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the incident on the first day of the trial. Tompkinson testified that he, his partner and her child, seven, were residing in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, at the time of the alleged assault.

The jurors were told that when he awoke early that morning, he heard “strange noises,” observed two “heavy” men drinking at the end of the driveway. his house and experienced other “strange noises.”

With a bottle of Jagermeister in hand, Tompkinson claimed to have seen the two stumble repeatedly, saying: “To me, they seem to be the very definition of drunkenness and disorder.”

“Come on guys, look at your condition, look at the time, someone is sleeping in the house, you can’t do this,” he allegedly shouted at the men as he dialed 999. and wait to be connected. police.

When asked if he was angry, Tompkinson replied: “I think there was a little bit of anger there, it was a horrible sight and I certainly don’t want the rest of the family to be welcomed by them. when they wake up.”

Tompkinson testified that when he told the men he had contacted the police, the situation became “scary” and the men stood up and started approaching him.

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He claimed to have placed his hand on Mr Hall and “guided” him to the ground before spotting Mr Poole approaching. I don’t want to hurt him, but I want to prevent him from approaching me and moving more into my land.

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