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Stephen SmithPeople want to know about Stephen Smith’s Parents. Despite the Murdaugh media frenzy, Stephen Smith’s Parents are still searching for answers. Ever since Stephen Smith was found dead in the middle of a country road in South Carolina in 2015, suspicions about his death have been raised. After the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, a mother and son of a prominent South Carolina family, in 2021, the conspiracy grows larger.

On July 8, 2015, Smith, a 19-year-old nursing student from Hampton, South Carolina, was found dead early in the morning. According to various local reports, three miles from where his car ran out of gas, he was found lying in the middle of a dark country road with large slits on his forehead. Smith’s death was ultimately assessed as being caused by a hit-and-run, which concluded that his mother, Sandy Smith, continued to argue. At first, authorities believed Smith had been shot.

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Stephen Smith’s Parents: Sandy Mom and Dad Insights

Stephen Smith’s parents, mom, Sandy and dad, have been trying to get justice for their son for a long time.

Sandra Smith first noticed unusual cars in her driveway in 2021. One morning, she knocked on her front door. Her phone called so often that she had to turn off her voicemail. Her granddaughter, who was living with her, was extremely frightened by the strangers who were often in the yard. Six years ago, in 2015, Stephen, son of Sandy Smith, was killed in Hampton County, South Carolina, in what Police later determined was a hit-and-run. He was 19 years old, and his body was discovered three miles from his empty car.

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Sandy said in multiple interviews with The Carolina News & Reporter about her story that although she and her family were worried about Stephen’s death from the start, no one has been charged. Sandy and her family have begged the authorities for years to review the case, but nothing has changed. Stephen’s case was reviewed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division last year as part of its investigation into the murders of Paul Murdaugh and his mother, Maggie, in 2021. However, SLED and the law enforcement agency Local law enforcement failed to prove that Stephen Smith knew Richard “Buster” Murdaugh, Murdaugh’s eldest son, was still alive.

The Smith family and Stephen’s departure were suddenly brought into the Murdaugh media controversy, which also involved financial crime, drug use, an assassin and five deaths. on four occasions in six years.

Where Is Stephen Smith’s Mother Now?

Every morning for nearly eight years, Sandy has been trying to meet with officials to find concrete solutions while remembering her sweet son.

She is aware of her beliefs but also seeks the truth to find solutions. She’s pleased to hear that SLED will begin investigating the situation in mid-2021. We’ve been anticipating this for a long time, Sandy told ABC News 4.

“Stephen has been repeatedly abandoned. Looks like no one is looking for a solution. No justice has been done for Stephen. But now, like her, we hope that things will improve.

Sandy knows nothing can return her baby, but it’s still a positive start. Furthermore, once his killer or killers are brought to court, she will finally be at peace.

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As for her current position, Sandy prefers to avoid the limelight whenever possible, but we do know that the South Carolina native from a small town is doing her best to pay tribute to her son. that.

It’s also important to note that a volunteer organization called #StandingForStephen has raised a sizable sum to assist her in realizing her dream of establishing a scholarship in her son’s honor and covering all legal costs. can happen.

In addition, everyone did their part to ensure that he was given the dignified burial and memorial he deserved; It took some time, but it was completed by the summer of 2022.

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