Stephan Deleonardi’s Youtube Channel “SteveWillDoIt” Has Been Banned From The Platform

Stephan Deleonardi, aka SteveWillDoIt, of the NELK Boys, has had his YouTube channel banned and removed. To inform his supporters, the prankster shared a screenshot of the website’s message with them. The letter said that Deleonardi had “severely or frequently violated” the platform’s community rules. While the letter did not specify which of SteveWillDoIt’s videos caused him to be banned, the YouTuber is well-known for his exaggerated attitude and emotions in his films.

In June 2022, SteveWillDoIt’s account was likewise blocked.

On August 1, 2022, the designer disclosed the latest ban on his Instagram page. Furthermore, his Instagram profile link to his YouTube channel now goes to a website with the message:

“This video is no longer accessible due to the termination of the YouTube account linked with this video.”


However, it seems that this is not the first time SteveWillDoIt’s account has been deleted from the video sharing site. In a June 2022 Tweet, the developer tagged YouTube and inquired why his account had been removed from the service. During the last suspension, he explained that his account did not “violate any criteria” and urged the authorities to investigate. YouTube responded by suggesting he could rectify the matter and reclaim his channel if it had been terminated “by mistake.” This time, the artist may be able to reclaim his account, since the latest notice from YouTube noted that, although the account was disabled to make the site a “safe environment” for all of its users, SteveWillDoIt may appeal to reclaim his account. According to the letter:

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“If we believe a channel is seriously violating our rules. We remove it to protect other platform users. However, if you believe we made the wrong decision, you may file an appeal.”

Because the letter did not include any other information on the ban, fans will have to wait for Deleonardi to provide more information about the incident.

SteveWillDo is a member of the NELK Boys, a YouTube group noted for their outlandish pranks.

The author is a member of the well-known pranksters known as the NELK Boys, a Canadian YouTube channel that posts videos of challenges, vlogs, pranks, and more. The group’s account was totally demonetized for arranging college parties during the epidemic, which caused supporters to violate the COVID-19 guidelines. However, according to Kyle Forgeard, the group’s leader, their earnings from YouTube were already modest and didn’t upset them much. According to The New York Times, he stated:

“Every video, we were cursing, doing things that may be dubious or illegal, making s*xual or dr*g allusions, so we were generating no money on YouTube at all.”


He continued:

“It used to imply ‘party hard,’ but today it means ‘give it your all in every activity you undertake.’ If you’re at the gym, you’ve got to give it your all.”

The majority of the group’s money is generated via item sales, advertising, and sponsored collaborations. Their merchandise line is expected to bring in roughly $70 million every year. In January 2022, they also launched their NFT compilation, Full Send. The collection is expected to bring in roughly $23 million for the organization.

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