Sophia Money Coutts Wikipedia, Books, Comedian, Telegraph, Wiki, School, Twitter

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Sophia Money Coutts Wikipedia, Books, Comedians, Telegraph, Wiki, School, Twitter

Sophia Money Coutts Wikipedia, Books, Comedians, Telegraph, Wiki, Schools, Twitter – The first book I can remember receiving was The Ladybug Royal Guide. I don’t know why it was so important to equip a four-year-old with the knowledge of monarchy, but I recall waking up from a nap at my grandparents’ house in Kent to looking for a book a book that an adult crammed into my little hands.

Sophia Money Coutts Wikipedia, Books, Comedians, Telegraph, Wiki, School, TwitterSophia Money Coutts Wikipedia, Books, Comedians, Telegraph, Wiki, School, Twitter

This book made me fall in love with Prince William, as well as the belief that I would marry him when I was too old (around 16 or 17). It’s a great idea, but isn’t that one of the greatest joys of a book—the ability to inspire our imaginations? As a kid, I couldn’t explain it. I just know that I love reading as an outlet.

My parents’ divorce and my misery at school were redirected by books. I’m unreasonably jealous of Eloise for having a pug and a turtle and living in a hotel. I despaired of having a flying broom like Mildred Hubble’s in The Worst Witch and despised that smug, haunting hairbrush.

According to a writer friend, who recently released a contemporary book set in a Swiss boarding school, children are especially drawn to boarding stories because they are fantasy worlds. Safe objects have no parents (except in the case of Voldemort). After marrying Prince William, my second life goal – and that goal was made possible by Malory Towers – was to eat a midnight party.

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Most of the books on my bedside table are vintage books that belonged to my mother before me, including copies of Just William with yellowed pages and loose, hard red covers.

Enid Blyton’s picnics with Aunt Fanny’s pork pies, jams, and pies were a welcome pastime for me as a chubby kid, who according to a family member , had “eaten” me during the divorce process.

Another thing that I painfully learned at the end of my life was that ginger beer was alcohol-free. At least it wasn’t a real fight, though; My parents and their attorney had a conflict. In Goodnight Mister Tom, one of my other childhood favorites, Young William is even worse. I’m both curious and scared at the thought of stitching someone into their vest and pants. How did he use loo?

While in boarding school, I fell in love with Bill Bryson, Prince William’s rival. For a teenage girl from Home Counties, a middle-aged American, shaggy beard might seem like an odd choice, but I fell in love with his post.

His account of being dragged to the toilet by an angry landlady at a bed-and-breakfast in Dover and shown a small, unflushed float captivated readers of Notes From A Small Island. rash from the very beginning.

I kept reading all his books after that, giggling in my dorm room at Bill’s (he wouldn’t mind if I called him Bill) stories about Australia, travel His friend Stephen Katz’s Appalachian Trail hike didn’t suit him, and the lengthy car trips he took as a young American.

His brand of comedy has always made me smile, and still does. I also keep a copy of one of his novels next to my bed for those anxious times at three in the morning.

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The girls will wear their mother’s heels and lipstick to pretend to be adults. Around this time, I also started taking my mom’s horror stories out of my bookshelf at home and bringing them to school in an attempt to appear more mature.

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