Shooting in Milwaukee Lutheran High School: football games between MLHS and Pius XI in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Milwaukee Police Department is currently investigating a reported incident of shots fired during an ongoing high school football game on Friday night. The incident unfolded during the Homecoming Football Games featuring Milwaukee Lutheran High School and Pius XI High School at the MLHS stadium, located at 9700 W Grantosa Dr, Milwaukee, WI.

Reports of shots fired prompted a swift response from law enforcement, with numerous police vehicles and an ambulance converging on the scene. According to witnesses in attendance, a disturbance erupted near the school’s parking area, leading to the firing of shots, causing panic among the attendees, who scattered for safety.

Lockhartvmedia Dre II shared a post the on recent incident in Milwaukee Lutheran High School:

#Breaking this is the scene outside Milwaukee Lutheran High School. Reports of a shooting that happened during the game. Unknown if any injuries.Photo Credit: Steven Radmer#LockharTVMedia

As of the time of this publication, authorities investigating the incident have not released specific details regarding the situation. This remains a developing story, and further updates may be forthcoming as law enforcement agencies continue their inquiry.

For those interested in the Pius XI HS Football game at Milwaukee Lutheran High School, ticket information and spectator policies can be found at Admission prices are $5 per adult, $3 per senior citizen (age 65 and above), and $2 for all students (K-12). Please note that student section admission is limited to MLHS students and those from Pius XI High School.

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