Shooting in Fletcher High School: 3 people arrested in Neptune Beach, FL

Jacksonville, Florida – Authorities swiftly responded to reports of a shooting at a high school football game in Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday night. The incident occurred during the football match between Fletcher High School and Sandalwood High School on September 22, 2023. Game attendees had alleged hearing shots fired, prompting a rapid law enforcement response.

Megan Garner shared a post related to recent  event. He stated in his post that:

Little did I know that we would be in an active shooting tonight…Tonight I got to go watch Kennedy Yates play in the band at Fletcher High School. She had just finished her half time show and was sitting with me in the bleachers (Thank God) if she was on the field it could have been so much worse.We are sitting and talking and all the sudden a wave of people start screaming and running towards us. We heard someone yell “There is an active shooter, RUN, GET OUT!”So we ran, while people are pushing and trampoling people and moms are screaming for their children. We ran all the way from Fletcher to the bar (Monkeys Uncle). We got in and I grabbed Kennedy and ran for the back towards an exit. The bar was packed with kids and parents from the game.Not a minute later…someone yells “THE SHOOTER IS HERE…RUN!” So we grabbed each other and ran again about 4 streets over…there are no other public places for us to get into so I did the next “best thing”…I knocked on a random house. Scary I know, and looking back probably not the smartest thing. But, Ross came to the rescue. Ross owned the random house and was nice enough to let us in and we waited it out until we were given the all clear to head back to our cars.We can’t even go to a simple football game anymore. I don’t know what actually happened or if there even was a shooter. I’m glad I had Kennedy and she didn’t hesitate for one minute and kept it together. We are home now. The world is a crazy place.

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After a thorough investigation, law enforcement agencies determined that no shots had been fired at the event. Instead, it was revealed that a confrontation between a group had escalated into a panic-inducing scare when one of the individuals involved in the altercation brandished a weapon at the scene. The incident unfolded at Fletcher High School, located at 700 Seagate Ave, Neptune Beach, FL.

In connection to the disturbance, authorities have taken two teenagers into custody. This remains a developing story, and further details may emerge as the investigation continues.

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