Shilough Hopwood obituary: Honeychurch Musician passes away in Doylestown, PA

A wave of sorrow washes over friends, family, and loved ones as they come to terms with the sudden and unexpected passing of Shilough Hopwood. The devastating news was shared through a social media tribute on Friday, September 22, 2023, leaving those who knew him in deep mourning.

Shilough’s untimely departure has left a void that can never be filled, and his family, friends, and loved ones are grappling with the overwhelming sadness of his loss.

According to reports, Shilough’s passing occurred on Thursday, the exact cause of which remains unknown at this time. While his talents were numerous, his musical abilities stood out prominently. A close friend lovingly described him as “kind, thoughtful, deep, smart, talented, and lovely.”

Throughout his life, Shilough made a significant impact through his work as a Musician at Honeychurch and his contributions to various establishments, including Inklings Books & Records, Gifts & Gallery, Newtown Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, The Lahaska Bookshop, Farley’s Bookshop, and The Doylestown Bookshop. He received his secondary education at Council Rock High School North.

Honeychurch shared his grief on the death of Shilough. He stated that:

Our hearts are heavy. Dearest Shilough is no longer with us. He left the most beautiful music as a legacy, pouring his heart & soul into every note he played & every word he wrote.I’m struggling with how to write this. Shilough and I had a complicated relationship over the past several years. He had a poets heart and a personality to match, for better or for worse. Honeychurch started with him. Through its journey, Tim Kratz, Aleksandr Yaker, Greg Millward, Ivan Funk, Juliana Storozuk, Jay Ansill, Pat Robinson, Brett Kull, Charlie Ledaney and so many others put our marks on those songs, too. Whether we were writing music together, playing live, or doing the 500th take of a song so that we could get THE right sound, we wouldn’t be the Honeychurch family without Shilough. And these songs wouldn’t be what they are without him.It feels a little strange to be making this post since I haven’t been an active part of Honeychurch for so long. But it feels like something needs to be said. Shilough and I were in a good place when he passed. We would share music with each other quite often. I asked him for lyric advice several times. We have an amazing kiddo who is following in his parents musical footsteps. Shilough was always sending Rowan music, too.If you can spend some time someplace beautiful while listening to some of his songs, that would be a wonderful way to honor him. Even if it’s just letting the air in on a rainy day.Rest easy, Shilough Hopwood.

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Originally from Kingston, New York, Shilough had made Elephant, Pennsylvania his home until his sudden passing.

Details surrounding the circumstances of Shilough Hopwood’s death remain undisclosed, leaving the community in anticipation of further information. Updates will be provided as soon as additional details become available.

In the wake of this tragic loss, heartfelt condolences and memories of Shilough’s kindness have poured in from those who had the privilege of knowing him: “I worked with Shilough at dtown bookstore. And have just known him since the ’90s and always thought he was the nicest and coolest person. This is terribly sad and shocking news praying for you and your family in this difficult time” – Allison Burns

“I just wanted to add that you and Shilough were so kind to me when my fiance Digger died suddenly in 2003. I couldn’t walk around the record store or bookshop without crying. I will always love you both for your good hearts” – Rosemary Pratka

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