Scott Novotny obituary: Oklahoma County Sheriff Sergeant passes away in Nicoma Park, OK

The community and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department are mourning the sudden passing of Deputy Scott Novotny, who left this world on September 21, 2023. His departure has left a profound impact on the hearts of many, particularly within the schools he diligently served: L.W. Westfall Elementary, Nicoma Park Elementary, Nicoma Park Intermediate, and Nicoma Park Middle School. Deputy Novotny’s career in law enforcement was defined by unwavering dedication, passion, and a sincere commitment to making his town a safer place.

Throughout his tenure, Deputy Novotny demonstrated a deep and abiding connection to Nicoma Park, where he spent his entire life. This connection fueled his unrelenting desire to serve as a deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, a role he embraced with unwavering devotion. His commitment to his community was not merely professional but deeply personal.

One of Deputy Novotny’s most remarkable contributions was his role in ensuring the safety of the community’s educational institutions. At L.W. Westfall Elementary, Nicoma Park Elementary, Nicoma Park Intermediate, and Nicoma Park Middle School, he voluntarily took on the responsibility of safeguarding the well-being of the children, teachers, and staff. His presence at these institutions transcended that of a law enforcement officer; he became a trusted friend, mentor, and role model for the children he interacted with.

Jim Fleetwood, Scott Novotny’s friend a picture with  the caption:

Scott Novotny will always be remembered as a stand up deputy and close friend!❤️

Deputy Novotny’s approach to his work reflected the depth of his commitment to building meaningful relationships with the students. He understood the importance of earning children’s trust and ensuring they felt safe and secure in their educational environments. With his warm smile and approachable demeanor, he encouraged students of all ages to approach him, making him a source of support and comfort.

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The legacy of Deputy Scott Novotny will forever resonate in the hearts and minds of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and the community he served. His dedication, compassion, and impact on the lives of those he protected will be remembered and cherished.

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