School Nurse, ‘Leslie Minter Johnson’ Arrested on Drug Charges Following On-Campus Incident

Leslie Minter Johnson, a nurse at Godwin High School, was arrested on August 17, 2023, after a routine traffic stop on campus led to the discovery of drugs in her vehicle. Henrico County police officers pulled Johnson over for an expired vehicle inspection sticker, only to uncover drug-related items during the search of her car.

On the morning of August 17, officers initiated a traffic stop due to an expired sticker on Johnson’s car while she was driving on Ridgefield Parkway. Johnson complied and pulled over into the Mills E. Godwin High School parking lot. During the stop, officers found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Additional officers were called to the scene, where a more thorough search unveiled further drugs and related items within the car.

As a result of the search, Leslie Minter Johnson was arrested and charged with two felonies for possessing schedule I or II drugs and two misdemeanors for possessing schedule III and IV drugs. Henrico Police spokesperson stated, “Officers located several drugs and drug-related items within the vehicle.” Additionally, Johnson faced charges for driving with a revoked/suspended license.

The substances in question are classified according to Virginia Law: Schedule I and II drugs encompass heroin, LSD, opiates, cocaine, and fentanyl, while Schedule III and IV drugs include steroids and sedatives. Johnson was taken into custody without bond and is set to appear in court for her next hearing in October.

Following the arrest, Henrico Schools spokesperson Ken Blackstone confirmed that Leslie Minter Johnson, who has over two decades of nursing experience, has been placed on administrative leave while an ongoing personnel matter is being addressed.

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In a separate incident with resemblances, an Oblong school nurse named Valerie Ping was apprehended on charges of possession of a controlled substance and theft after stealing a student’s medication in July. Ping entered a not guilty plea and was released on $10,000 bail.

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