Santa Anita Mall Shooting: 4 smash-and-grab robbers steal purses and watches during holiday shopping season

Arcadia, CA – Law enforcement agencies in Arcadia, California, responded to reports of a security threat at the Santa Anita Mall on Sunday, prompting a significant police presence at the iconic shopping center located at 400 South Baldwin Avenue. The situation unfolded following reports of an armed individual, leading to immediate action and a lockdown of The Shops at Santa Anita as officers conducted an investigation.

While details were initially uncertain, a recent update clarified that the incident involved multiple armed individuals entering the Acadia Westfield Mall, executing a smash and grab theft. Officials reported that these individuals forcibly accessed shops within the mall, seizing valuable items. In response, shoppers fled the scene upon sighting the armed men.

Catharina Gunawan posted on Facebook,

“Edit: it was a smash & grab.So… We were otw to Cheesecake at the Santa Anita Mall after church. But as we got there we noticed people were walking hurriedly towards the parking lot, urgently like, and a staff urging people to “move it and go, there’s an active shooting.”  w t h?? Suffice to say we turned around and left. Later we heard the news said something about smash and grab, and the mall was on a lockdown with people inside the stores.Definitely NOT a good day for people at the mall. I hope the police found the robbers.”

As law enforcement agencies work to secure the location and ascertain further information, they have advised the public to continue avoiding the area for safety reasons. Amidst the chaos, two individuals sustained injuries caused by broken glass debris during the hurried evacuation of the premises.

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Efforts are underway to identify the suspects involved in this incident. Authorities urge anyone with pertinent information to contact the local police department to aid in the ongoing investigation.

In a related development, the Arcadia Police are actively investigating a separate smash and grab theft occurring at The Shops at Santa Anita Mall, adding to the concerns surrounding recent security issues at the shopping destination.

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