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Roxana Canedo Wikipedia, eDad, Periodista, Wiki

Roxana Canedo Wikipedia, eDad, Periodista, Wiki -: The renowned host of “Panorama” and “Buenos Das, Peru,” Roxana Canedo, passed away. For many years, Panamericana TV’s primary program featured a journalist as its representative. Her daughter Vanessa Arata broke the awful news about her.

Roxana Canedo Wikipedia, eDad, Periodista, WikiRoxana Canedo Wikipedia, eDad, Periodista, Wiki

This past Monday, July 31, Roxana Canedo passed away. She is best known for operating Panorama in the years 1983–1992 and 1997–1998. Her daughter Vanessa Arata informed her of this.

“Good day, Peru! Roxana Canedo-Reyes would have wanted to say farewell to everyone, just like my mother did. She passed away today at 2:00 a.m. right next to me, in La Paz, Bolivia,” Arata wrote on her Facebook page.

He was a journalist for life, and up until the end of his life, he never gave up on doing what was right. He concluded, “Rest in peace, mama Roxana.

Since many years ago, Roxana Canedo hasn’t been on a Peruvian movie screen. She spent her final years in her home country of Bolivia.

The journalist’s resignation has left a significant gap in Panamericana TV, where she established her career and hosted a number of news programs in addition to Panorama.

She was regarded as one of the most incisive communicators when it came to interviewing political personalities, and she earned a lot of respect on television for this.

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She left Panamericana TV after many years of service and moved back to Bolivia with her daughter. She continued to grow as a journalist in her native country, constantly looking into and unearthing new information.

Roxana Canedo, who was she?

A well-known journalist from Peru, Roxana Canedo spent her final years in Bolivia but was a familiar face on Peruvian television in the 1980s and 1990s.

Canedo-Reyes claimed in one of his final interviews with members of the national press that he had given up television because he had become weary of its informality and lack of seriousness. He remembered his unpaid employment at Red Global. “Genaro Delgado Parker or his son was putting greater pressure on me every day with their recommendations, I felt. I got tired of him and left.

He stated that “a beautiful woman is not necessarily a pumpkin” in an interview with the Daily Peru 21 many years ago since she consistently displayed her talent in front of the cameras.

I don’t regret (turning off the TV). I am currently retired. I no longer watch TV again. Years before his unexpected departure, he emphasized, “I produce articles and serve as a correspondent for several Peruvian media in Bolivia.

Social media is used to express grief at Roxana Canedo’s passing.

“Roxana Canedo, a former Panorama host, rest in peace. The official account of Panorama, a program that the journalist led for several years, described her as “a stellar figure of Peruvian television, marking the path followed by several journalists in the direction and leadership of our Programme, a profile that remains to this day after 40 years.”

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Another seasoned journalist and former Panorama host, Mónica Delta, also expressed her disappointment at Canedo-Reyes’ departure. ‘Roxana Canedo, RIP. She ushered in a crucial era in journalism and paved the way for women in the media in our nation.

Valia Barak, a journalist, and producer: “Sad news! She and I had the good fortune to work together. She paved the road and established the groundwork for female journalists.

The writer, journalist, and producer Hugo Coya expressed his sadness on social media. What a terrible loss! My sympathies go out to Roxana Canedo’s family. She performed in “Enlace Global, Edición Especial” as her final appearance on Peruvian television before moving back to Bolivia, and I had the honor of directing her in that project. RIP”.

Fernando Dáz lamented Roxana Canedo’s passing.

It has not taken long for the responses to appear on social media. Many people have grieved the acclaimed journalist’s leaving. Her coworkers, notably Fernando Dáz, host of Arriba Mi Gente, have also expressed their opinions.

The communicator remembered having worked with her on “Buenos Das, Peru” on channel 5.

“Go in peace.” Rhonda Canedo. She was a towering figure in television journalism and defined a period. After returning from Bolivia in 1997, I collaborated with her on “Buenos Das, Peru.” Dedicated journalist, creator of Panorama, and individualist perfectionist. Her daughter Vanessa broke the news about her, according to the journalist.

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