Ronaldo Scott, 21-year-old, murdered amidst Brixton stabbing in Angell Town

In a series of tragic events, two men were fatally stabbed in separate attacks across south and northwest London within hours of each other. One of the victims has been identified as Ronaldo Scott, a 21-year-old young man. The incidents have sparked shock and concern in the community as violence continues to plague the streets.

Ronaldo Scott met a horrifying fate as he was chased by assailants who emerged from a car and attacked him in broad daylight on Morrison Road, Angell Town, Brixton, shortly after midday on Monday. According to witnesses, he managed to reach a children’s playground near his home but succumbed to his injuries in front of his mother.

In a separate incident, another man, whose age remains undisclosed, was found fatally stabbed with a chest wound on Masefield Avenue, Stanmore, approximately 17 miles away from the first attack location, shortly before 5 pm on the same day.

Both crime scenes remain cordoned off as police launch investigations into these tragic murders. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with either case.

Pastor Lorraine Jones, whose son Dwayne was tragically stabbed to death on the Angell Town estate in 2014, expressed her deep concern over the violence gripping the area. She remarked, “So tents are being erected with a dead body at a kids’ playground. What’s next? It’s a state of emergency. We all need to stop the violence together.”

Neighbors revealed that Ronaldo Scott, who was known by the street name of Skengroy, sustained multiple stab wounds during the attack. His sister raised the alarm as he lay dying at the entrance of the park.

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Ronaldo had recently embarked on a construction course and was enthusiastic about a career in the building trade. Described by his family as a “loving, caring, family man,” his aunt shared, “He was generous and playful and took younger members of the family under his wing. He had a bright future ahead of him that has been taken from us all.”

A family friend who accompanied Ronaldo’s mother to the scene described the horrifying scene and the desperate attempts to save his life. She recalled, “He had so many injuries, they were trying to stop the blood. He went into cardiac arrest twice. The second time they couldn’t revive him. His mother begged to go to him. She had to watch him dying in front of her eyes.”

The friend further suggested that the attackers were from outside the area and appeared to have specifically targeted Ronaldo Scott. The lack of functioning CCTV cameras in the area and the prevalence of serious crime have raised concerns about community safety.

Tributes and flowers have been left at the spot where Ronaldo, described as “really supportive and helpful,” lost his life. As investigations continue, police are collecting CCTV footage from the Brixton area, while forensic officers comb the crime scene for crucial evidence.

The shocking incidents serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for efforts to curb violence and protect communities in London.

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