Renee Dawn Skoglund: Woman Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Assault Allegations for Free STD Test After Affair

A 30-year-old married woman from South Dakota, Renee Dawn Skoglund, has admitted to falsely claiming she was sexually assaulted in order to secure a free STD test following an extramarital affair. Skoglund’s guilty plea came last week, leading to her sentencing.

Skoglund’s legal troubles began in March 2023 when she contacted 911, reporting a distressing incident. She alleged that a male assailant had bound her arms and legs with a rope, sexually assaulted her in her vehicle, after she pulled over due to car trouble on I-75.

However, an investigation unveiled a different story. Authorities found evidence that Skoglund had engaged in consensual relations with someone in Hillsborough County at the same time as the reported incident. It appears that guilt stemming from the encounter drove her to fabricate the sexual assault claim, aiming to obtain a free STD test.

Last week, prosecutors announced Skoglund’s sentence, which includes two years of community control and eight years of probation for her fabrication of assault allegations. Additionally, she has been ordered to pay $17,245.26 in restitution for squandering police resources on her false rape claim.

Judge Laura Ward, during the sentencing, emphasized the severity of the offense, highlighting the significant waste of resources that could have been directed towards genuine cases. Ward’s words served as a reminder of the criminality of perjury and the harm it causes to actual victims.

Skoglund’s 911 call, in which she recounted the alleged assault, was released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. She claimed to have been blindfolded and bound by an unknown man after experiencing car trouble on Interstate 75. However, a subsequent review of surveillance footage from Walmart showed Skoglund purchasing a rope just hours before the alleged attack.

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Ultimately, under questioning and confronted with evidence, Skoglund confessed to fabricating the entire incident. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detailed how they pieced together information from various sources to uncover the truth behind her false claims.

Sheriff Chad Chronister, upon Skoglund’s arrest, expressed his disappointment in her actions, stating that she diverted crucial resources from genuine victims of sexual assault. He emphasized the need to prioritize real cases over fabricated ones.

It was revealed that Skoglund was married at the time of the incident, adding a layer of complexity to the situation. However, her current relationship status remains unclear. The case serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of misusing emergency services and the importance of maintaining the integrity of assault allegations.

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