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Many words in English have more than one meaning (like the, EnglishAnd language). Our language and the people who use it are well suited to this semantic flexibility. We can understand words with different meanings based on context.

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‘Skillset’ can be defined colloquially as “skills to pay the bills.”

Set is one of our most multifaceted words, up there with semantically greedy people run And Have. In its present state, there are more than two dozen senses for set like a transitive verb (and some of these have up to five appendages). In addition to holding considerable as a transitive and intransitive verb, set also enjoys strong portfolio as an adjective, noun and as a component of compound nouns.

Set is a greedy word and is always looking for more meanings and compound words it can stuff into its hungry stomach. Recently it happened on the word skill and decided that it could bully it into a compound noun. (Honestly, we at Merriam-Webster don’t really personify words; we just pretend to do so, because the alternative would be to humanize dictionary writers, and that’s crazy. crazy).

Skill set, which can be loosely defined as “the range of an individual’s competence, especially as it relates to responsibilities in a particular field or profession,” is a word we have come to see recently. It seems to have begun to be used in the early to mid-1970s.

Our opinion is simply a statement of the relative skill sets of managers with and without formal training in modern management techniques.—DJ Daly, and Rein Peterson, “On Bridging the Gaps,” Management ScienceDecember 1973

Writing skill set. Representative skills: An adult can write personal or business letters using correct grammar (sic), complete sentences, correctly spelled and arranged in a clear and logical order.—Sigfred Johnson, An institution that proposes, integrates, and activates potential resources for an adult education program equivalent to completing high school (Dismissal of Doctor), 1973

At its broadest, self-care encompasses a range of existing skills and new skill requirements of at-risk populations. It should be viewed as a universal skill set, as well as literacy and numeracy skills.—Lowell S. Levin, “The Layperson as the Primary Health Care Practitioner,” Public Health Report, May-Jun. 1976

In modern parlance, the term often appears in articles about sports and employment (or about employment in sport):

“You can use him in any belt position,” Hoiberg said. “When a player has such fitness and skill set, it’s exciting to think about opportunities like running in transition and attacking at halftime.—KC Johnson, Chicago CourtJune 28, 2017

“What we are seeing is the pace of job loss in India and job gains in the country,” said Sandra Notardonato, vice president of analytics and research at Gartner, a research and consulting firm. “. “Even if these companies don’t suffer huge net losses, there is one person that will suffer, and that is someone with limited skills in India.”—Nida Najar, New York TimesJune 26, 2017

Skill set should not be confused with skill set (usually written as .) a very special skill set), when caught on the Internet, often alludes to Liam Neeson’s threatening telephone monologue in the 2008 film Take. Do you think one of the skills in his team is his excellent use of English?

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