Peter Artemiev- All About The Ex-Husband Of Julia Fox

Peter Artemiev is famous as the ex-husband of Julia Fox. He was born in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York in the early 1990s. Peter also worked as a private pilot in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Quick Info

First and last name Peter Artemiev
First name Peter
Surname Artemiev
Job Celebrity ex-husband
Nationality American
birth city Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Country of birth USA
Gender identity male
sexual orientation Straight
Marital status divorce
Couple Julia fox
Number of children first

Peter and Julia’s Relationship

Peter and Julia got married in November 2018. The couple have not been together since their divorce in 2020. Julia and Peter had their first child, a boy, in January 2021. Valentino is his given name. Even though the parents are not together, they still come to their child’s birthday party.

Julia Fox’s Debut

Julia was born in Milan, Italy, on February 2, 1990. Although born in Italy, she was raised in New York City from the ages of six to fourteen due to her father’s work obligations. She is currently an actress and model by trade, but before that, she worked in many other fields. She worked in a shoe store, an ice cream shop, a pastry shop, etc. Her successful career as a garment designer and entrepreneur included founding a brand of goods. High-end knitwear for women with her best friend, Briana Andalore.

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Peter Artemiev

For six months, she even worked as a dominator, playing the dominant role in BDSM sexual activities. In addition to them, she is also a painter and photographer. She made her acting debut in 2018 and her first cinematic appearance was in Uncut Gems, a Netflix feature.

Did Julia date anyone after the divorce?

Currently, Julia does not see anyone, however, after the divorce, she has a relationship with American rapper Kanye West. They first met on New Year’s Eve. West treated her wonderfully on her second date, with Julia saying she felt like a real Cinderella because he had a hotel room full of clothes. According to Julia, now they are simply close friends. Julia said she dated West to divert attention from his previous relationship with SKIMS owner Kim Kardashian. They have only been dating for a month.

Julia Fox Facts You Didn’t Know

Kurt Cobain, founder of the band Nirvana, was Julia’s first love. Julia develops feelings for him after his death. Julia’s favorite food is Mac & Cheese. She loves lemon ice cream and hot chocolate with Italian whipped cream. She especially likes tiramisu ice cream. She said in an interview that she couldn’t live without cookies. Julia could not find solace without Egyptian Magic. Her ideal film part would be a thriller, horror, suspense, drama and melodrama. She believes she can make a good first impression in such a setting. She likes movies like investigative exploration and mystery crimes where a woman is killed.

Peter Artemiev

Is Julia in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

In an interview, Julia was asked if she would ever be on Housewives, and she replied that it was a difficult question to answer for her because she did not know about the appearance. appearance of new women in the program. She said she was still weighing her options, but if asked, she would definitely go. Even the producer asked for her, but Julia wasn’t in the right state so that couldn’t have happened.

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net value

Peter’s net worth is being calculated. On the other hand, his ex-wife is worth $30 million. In addition to modeling, she is also an entrepreneur. She has her own line of knitwear called “Franziska Fox.”

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