Pat McAfee Net Worth: What’s His Salary? NFL And ESPN Contract Details

Pat McAfee is a name well-known not just in the NFL but also in the sports broadcasting world and has recently been the talk of the town. According to the New York Post, this former NFL punter who has taken the sports broadcasting world by storm has secured a five-year contract with ESPN for $85 million. That’s a whopping $17 million every year. This deal, which includes “The Pat McAfee Show,” is a huge step forward in McAfee’s long career.

What’s more intriguing is the story that accompanies this deal. Especially when you consider McAfee’s prior arrangement with FanDuel, which was for an even more incredible $120 million. This switch from FanDuel to ESPN has raised eyebrows and generated various industry debates.

Details about Pat McAfee’s ESPN contract

The conditions of McAfee’s ESPN deal are straightforward. It promises him $85 million over five years. “The Pat McAfee Show” plays an important part in this. However, when compared to his previous deal at FanDuel, which was a whopping $120 million, it seems to be a pay drop. However, the circumstances behind McAfee’s decision to join ESPN remain a source of great discussion and dispute.

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee’s NFL Deal

McAfee previously had a profitable career in the NFL. His four-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts was set at $1,808,000 per year. A $58,280 signing bonus and the same amount guaranteed made this agreement much more tempting.

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Pat McAfee’s Salary

The discussion of McAfee’s compensation has not been without controversy. Stephen A. Smith, for example, has spoken out against the wage difference between himself and McAfee.

Pat McAfee’s Estimated Net Worth

Pat McAfee’s net worth will have increased significantly by 2023. His career in sports broadcasting has surely contributed enormous value to his brand, establishing him as one of the industry’s rising stars.

Pat McAfee’s Reaction to Salary Reports

In the middle of the debate, McAfee addressed the viral news about his $85 million ESPN pay. He compared reporting to “throwing darts at a board,” stressing the need for true and confirmed information.

Pat McAfee


In summary, Pat McAfee’s path from an NFL player to a sports broadcasting celebrity is nothing short of remarkable. His $85 million deal with ESPN demonstrates his talent and magnetism. McAfee’s pay and contracts will continue to be focal focuses of attention as he charts his course, reflecting the ever-changing realities of the sports world.

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