Park Gyu-young And ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo Will Be Cast In An Upcoming Romance Drama

ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo, who most recently participated in the blockbuster K-drama True Beauty, is back on the small screen. The actor has agreed to play the lead in a romantic Korean drama. Park Gyu-young, who starred in Dali and Cocky Prince, will play the female protagonist opposite Cha Eun-woo in the program. The show’s working title is A Good Day to Be a Dog.

The show is based on a webcomic, and production is slated to begin in October 2022. So yet, there has been no confirmation of the broadcast time. The program is also not currently affiliated with a broadcast network. Lee Hyun-woo will also play an important part in the program. He rose to prominence after portraying Rio in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, Korea’s version of Money Heist.

Cha Eun-program woos is based on what webtoon?

A Good Day to Be a Dog is the literal translation of the webcomic’s title. This was written by Lee Hye and is praised by manhwa fans all around the nation. Han Hae-na, a single lady who works as a high school teacher, is the subject of the webcomic. This is the character that Park Gyu-young will play. This webcomic has a fantasy element to it. Hae-forefathers na’s committed a mistake and were cursed as a result. This curse is still alive in the current day.

Park Gyu-young

According to the curse, if anybody in their family kisses someone, they will transform into a dog at midnight and remain a dog for six hours. They then return to their human form. This happens every night until the person in dog shape can kiss the same person again.

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Hae-na wishes to escape this tragedy, therefore whenever she encounters a prospective love interest, she demands that they refrain from kissing her. The males vanish from her life the instant she brings up the matter. After becoming intoxicated, a disgruntled Hae-na unintentionally kisses Jin Seo-won, played by Cha Eun-woo. He is a teacher at the same high school where Hae-na works.

Cha Eun-woo

Sadly for Hae-na, Cha Eun-character woo’s Seo-won is afraid of dogs. This was the result of a painful incident he had as a child. As a consequence, Hae-na finds it difficult to approach Seo-won. The story hinges on whether she can get him to kiss a dog.

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