“Painkiller” A Limited Series Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

Netflix just launched Painkiller, a limited series focusing on the real-life American opioid problem. This TV series, starring Matthew Broderick and Uzo Aduba, will tell a fictionalized version of the events that led up to one of America’s biggest crises in recent years.

The streaming service has released a preview for the upcoming film, providing insight into the complex criminal environment that has contributed to this dire problem. According to the summary:

“Explore the origins and consequences of the US opioid crisis, highlighting the stories of perpetrators, victims and truth seekers who changed lives forever through the invention of OxyContin. .” [It is] an investigation into crime, accountability, and institutions that has repeatedly failed hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

Painkiller will have six episodes and will premiere on Netflix on August 10, 2023.

Trailer for Painkillers: Pain, Pleasure, and Greed

The trailer for Painkiller shows the arrival of OxyContin, a legally prescription drug often blamed for the opioid problem in America. It focuses on the profiteers, the domination of the drug in the US market and the people who want to stop it. The teaser also highlights the series producers’ practical approach, as well as some stunning audio and visual work.


Painkiller is based on the book of the same name by Barry Meier and The Family That Build the Empire of Pain in New Yorker Magazine by Patrick Radden Keefe. Instead of presenting actual events, it tells the story in a fictional form. Director Peter Berg discussed the project at Netflix’s Tudum, revealing some key insights. He declared:

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“Everybody understands how serious the drug problem is…But this is the origin story of the conflict between drugs and money that caused it. One of the many things I believe is missing [from the OxyContin discussion] is the drug’s entrance into mainstream medicine.

He continued:

“How did Arthur Sackler, a New York psychiatrist specializing in lobar surgery, begin to realize that the future lay in the pill — specifically the advertising pills.” Whoever can best advertise their drug will make the most money…We want to make it clear that there may be some funny moments in this play, but we don’t believe the Sackler, Purdue family or the problem of pain relievers amusing from afar.”

Eric Newman, executive producer, emphasized the importance of this limited series, saying:

“We wanted to mirror the effects of opiates: the feeling of warmth, hope and relief that comes from taking a pill that will get you out of your misery and then watch it turn into suffering.”


In addition to the two stars, Painkiller also has a star cast that includes Taylor Kitsch, Dina Shihabi, West Duchovny and John Rothman. Clark Gregg, Jack Mulhern, Sam Anderson, Ana Cruz Kayne, Brian Markinson, Noah Harpster, John Ales, Johnny Sneed, Tyler Ritter and Carolina Bartczak also appear. On August 10, 2023, Netflix will release Painkiller.

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