Our (Almost) Final Word on ‘Penultimate’

Many people are confused penultimate with supreme. ” Alas, although it would be nice if there was a word or prefix that we could carry with us to make the colors brighter, the food tastes better and gives the word a heavy feel. rather, it is not the role of pen– IN penultimate; it is simply a prefix, which in Latin means “almost”.

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The sign you envisioned in the penultimate hurdle.

Penultimate abuse

While penultimate has an extremely limited range of meanings (it always refers to the next to last word of something) supreme can mean a number of different things, from “basic, basic” to “extreme” to “farthest”. There is a considerable amount of evidence about penultimate mistakenly used to mean all of these things.

The penultimate insult to my father’s worldview was the portrayal of fathers on television. —Ray Smith, Parksville-Qualicum News (Parksville, BC), February 17, 2012

This particular woman lived about 10 years or so after making this thunderous observation. In her own way, she managed to cram a pile of money into her final days.—Charles McCabe, News and Courier Charleston (Charleston, SC), April 22, 1973

An epic stage battle pits an army of monkeys against an army of giants in the penultimate struggle between good and evil.—Daniel Burstein, Christian Science ScreenFebruary 9, 1982

Those expenses were followed by the shameful $16,000 expenditure to fly and bring Reid’s campaign manager in Richmond to Victoria (which led Reid to announce that she would no longer be doing this) and finally, the penultimate embarrassment of the RCMP’s involvement in a security upgrade for Reid’s voter’s office, to the tune of $79,000 (her kitchenette and restrooms have been installed, to be exact) How safer are these renovations?).—Sharon Hales, Richmond News (Richmond, BC), October 1, 2014

Keep penultimate and last separate

So how do you go about the difference between supreme And penultimate? Well, you just have to remember that they are different words, with different meanings, the same way you remember to not say how you feel. Think When you feel exaltedBut what’s interesting in that?

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Instead, you can try to remember that penultimate very similar to penultimate. ONE penultimate is the need you make right before ultimatum (“a final clause, condition, or requirement”).

Are there really things like penultimate? Yes, although the word is quite rare and has often been used jokingly over the past few hundred years. Smart people used penultimate usually will also throw in before the ultimatum (need before need before you Actually means it).

It was whispered that the last messenger to the Spanish court brought the British minister’s Antipenultimum; that Penultimate will be sent next Christmas; and that, when the spring would have gone so far as to permit contiguity between the Spanish and French fleets with the Russian and Swedish fleets, the actual ultimatum would be sent.—The Pennsylvania GazetteJanuary 5, 1791

He read the newspapers carefully, and he didn’t find the Double Note, which he wouldn’t call an ultimatum, but the penultimate (laughs) sent in the Chamber’s case. of celebrities.—Time (London, United Kingdom), July 28, 1882

But Mr. Delyannis knows as well as we do that the first steps towards these things – withdrawing from the border, changing the tone of speech, etc – can be done not just within eight days, but within eight hours, and that he just had to get started, and honestly pursue it, to meet the requirements of the ultimatum – to be precise, of the penultimate, which we know will soon become money. ultimatum – and to put an end to or begin to put an end to the whole matter.—Saturday Review (London, United Kingdom), May 8, 1886

If the attempt to include confusing polysyllabic words in your vocabulary somehow fails to help you distinguish between penultimate And supreme instead, you may remember that while there are some words in the English language that have prefixes that either increase the meaning or change the meaning very little (habitable / habitable, valuable / pricelessand yes, regardless / regardless of) the number is small and does not include any words that begin with pen. And in case you are wondering what penultimate looks like when used properly, here’s an example:

I do not know. Sometimes you lie and then you call it art. The man said ‘Are you writing a novel?’ and I said, YES, OMG, YES I AM, YES. And he said ‘I hope it’s one of your Inspector McMillan novels. I just love his protruding jaw, and how he solved it on the penultimate page, leaving the last page blank for the recipe.’—Ian McMillan, death’s feet (from Daddy the donkey is on fire), 1994

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