On ‘Currant,’ ‘Current,’ and ‘Courant’

grape, current And diehard same pronunciation, if not used. grape is a raisin-like fruit used in cakes and jams, while current is both a noun (usually referring to electricity, air, and water) and an adjective (“happening in the present moment”). little used one diehard means “newspaper.”

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use notes always au courant.

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Currant’

grape is the spelling of the raisin-like fruit that grows on a shrub in the Mediterranean and is found in cakes, jams and the like.

Enjoy freshly baked bread with a thick layer of Irish butter or a crisp slice of Irish Cheddar. After a day or two, it is baked and spread with marmalade or grape jam. —Bet Dooley, Minneapolis StarMarch 10, 2021

Meaning and Usage of ‘Current’

Current is the spelling of a noun indicating the force of flowing water or the flow of electric charge.

When hatched, 5 to 6 weeks later, the larvae will quickly be washed downstream by the river. flow and set sail. They persist in the ocean environment for 3 to 5 years before migrating to coastal rivers to lay eggs. —Nick Nikkila, The Chinook ObserverMarch 15, 2021

This is exactly the same process as your average solar cell follows, but the gold layer is the real highlight. With that gold plating, the device can deliver stronger current current when the device is partially obscured in the dark—200% better to be exact than conventional solar cells. — Courtney Linder, Popular mechanicsJune 5, 2020

The same spelling is used for adjectives meaning “occurring or common at the present time”:

But Ms. Cox’s interpretation is slightly different – her 12-foot photograph portrays modern-day black women and men in the place of the Founders. Her subjects are all pre-arranged — some in current fashion, others dressed in 1700s period clothes and some in vibrant African costumes. — Florida weeklyNovember 5, 2020

I think understanding how the civil rights movement affected so many people currentmotion -date and current the problems facing us today are paramount. — Anya Dillard, in washington articlesMarch 15, 2021

For the most part, these words are easy to write straight, although you may be inclined to use the spelling current give fruit if you are new to the spelling grape.

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Courant’

A complicating factor is a third word, diehardmeans “newspaper” and is used in the name of the oldest major newspaper in the United States, the Hartford Courant. That word is often pronounced like current And grape. There are also French phrases au courantliterally “in the present” and describes something that is fashionable at the moment (“au courant design”).

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