Niolis Collazo Obituary: How Did She Die? Caused Of Death Details

Niolis Collazo’s loss has been a source of sadness for her family since the Waukegan assistant volleyball coach was slain in a shooting in May. Here’s additional information about her murder case. Niolis Collazo was a Waukegan High School boy’s volleyball assistant coach from the United States of America. Collazo, likewise, worked as a counselor for Working On Womanhood, a Chicago-based organization.

Niolis also advised and mentored female students at Waukegan Smith Middle School. Furthermore, Niolis was just 23 years old when she died. Her name had been in the press for a few days before her death was verified. Not to add that Collazo was killed in a shooting on May 8, 2023.

Who Was Niolis Collazo?

Niolis Collazo worked as a volleyball coach at Waukegan Smith Middle School. Collazo’s parents, Nitza Rivera and Terry Joiner survive her. Collazo was in her first year with Waukegan Public Schools and served as an assistant boys’ volleyball coach at Waukegan High School, according to reports. She has previously participated in the sport.

Niolis Collazo

Similarly, Niolis began working with young women at Smith Middle School in February 2023. Collazo received her schooling at Waukegan High School, where she graduated in 2018. Furthermore, the late assistant volleyball coach was close to her family members, and her death devastated them all. There are little data concerning Niolis’ family members, although some of them have spoken out in the media about Collazo.

Niolis Collazo Obituary

Niolis Collazo died on May 8, 2023, at the age of 23. Following her passing, the obituary was released, and condolences have poured in on social media since then. Meanwhile, Niolis was tragically shot on May 8 at 10:45 p.m. on 10th Street and Lewis Avenue in Waukegan. Collazo’s automobile was reportedly one of two cars hit by gunfire.

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The first car, driven by a guy, was unharmed, as was the second, driven by Niolis. Collazo was rushed to Vista East Medical Center after the incident but was unable to be rescued. Her sister Mia Carani told the tabloids that Niolis was heading home from North Chicago to Waukegan when she phoned to say she had forgotten her house keys. As previously stated, the shooting occurred around 10th Street and Lewis Avenue, and the whole event was captured on a security camera. Similarly, Claudia Popielarczyk has opened a GoFundMe account to pay burial costs.

Update on the Niolis Collazo Murder Case

Niolis Collazo died as a result of a deadly gunshot on May 8, 2023. According to the most recent murder case update, two adolescents under the age of 18 have been apprehended. The arrest was made in connection with the shooting on Thursday. Six pistols were found by police officers during the arrest warrant.

Niolis Collazo

One of the seized firearms was allegedly taken out of Florida. Three charges of first-degree murder have been filed against the apprehended teens as adults. Furthermore, they are being detained on a $5 million bail and are scheduled to appear in court on Friday. More information about Niolis’ murder case will be released in the future.

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