Nikita Kuzmin Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Earnings And Endorsement

Nikita Kuzmin’s net worth is rather spectacular, and he has made a nice living from his dance career. Learn more about his professional earnings. Nikita Kuzmin is a well-known Ukrainian-Italian dancer and choreographer who rose to prominence after appearing in a number of dance competitions.

Kuzmin has also appeared in RTL and BBC One dance contests Let’s Dance and Strictly Come Dancing. Nikita also has six Italian Championship championships to his name. Nikita rose to prominence in March 2022 after assisting his grandmother in fleeing Ukraine during the conflict. Aside from that, fans and followers are curious about Nikita’s net worth and earnings.

Nikita Kuzmin’s Net Worth in 2023

Nikita Kuzmin has an excellent net worth as of 2023, which he has acquired from his professional dance career. At this moment, media outlets have not revealed the exact sum of Kuzmin’s net worth. However, it can be noted that Nikita has made a good living from his involvement in the dancing industry. He has also been on different programs and competed in several tournaments. Many internet sites suggest that Kuzmin leads a luxury lifestyle thanks to his net worth, which is said to be in the millions. He earns the most of his money as a dancer.

Nikita Kuzmin

Because Kuzmin is still active in this scene, there is no doubt that his money balance will explode in the future, and additional information about his profits will be provided. Nikita’s lifestyle may be kept up to date by following him on Instagram at @nikita__kuzmin, where he has over 166k followers.

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Nikita Kuzmin’s Career Earnings

Nikita Kuzmin has been in the dance field for a long time and has earned sizable professional earnings. Nikita, like many other celebrities, likes to live a low-key existence. Kuzmin’s career earnings cannot be disclosed due to a lack of information. A choreographer makes $41,581 per year on average. Given this information, it is possible that Kuzmin earns more than the average pay. However, nothing can be verified for the time being. As previously stated, Nikita has participated in and won a number of tournaments. As a result, Nikita may have made a decent profit.

Nikita Kuzmin’s Endorsement and Achievements

Nikita Kuzmin has a sizable social media following, and it is speculated that he may make money through brand promotion. Exploring Kuzmin’s social media accounts reveals that he has worked with a variety of businesses. As a result, he may have made a substantial profit. Kuzmin made his professional debut in 2020 when he joined RTL’s Let’s Dance for its 13th season. As his dancing partner, he paired up with artist Sabrina Setlur.

Nikita Kuzmin

They were the second couple eliminated, and Nikita did not return for the fourteenth season. He was named as one of four new professional dancers for the 19th season of Strictly Come Dancing on July 26, 2021. Nikita disclosed intentions to join Jowita Przysta for Dancing With The Stars Weekends in 2024 and in September 2023.

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