NewJeans’s Minji Shares Her Experience As A Chanel Brand Ambassador

Minji, the popular star of the K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans, has achieved a personal milestone by becoming the latest global brand ambassador for one of the world’s most famous luxury fashion companies. world, Chanel. The artist has just done the first painting session for the company. Along with the photo shoot, she had a talk with the famous fashion magazine Elle.

Minji discussed her career growth and recalled her previous photo shoot with the magazine, which appeared in the September 2022 issue. NewJeans’ Minji recounted that she appreciated the work. review her previous photos as they bring back great memories associated with that time. The female idol follows her trail and reflects on the many fashions she has worn. She speaks, “

“It is interesting to see so many different sides of yourself represented in movies or pictures. I believe that when I look back at them when time has passed, all of these will be even more beautiful memories.”

“I consider myself a lucky person,” NewJeans Minji says of her personality and more.

On Valentine’s Day, NewsJeans shared a photo on Instagram highlighting Minji’s significant effort in collaborating with Chanel. Minji is said to be wearing a special version of the brand’s coat, as well as a special cap. The light makeup done with Chanel’s wide selection of beauty products added to her charm, making her look even more adorable. Talking about this opportunity and her overall luck, the 18-year-old idol of the group said she feels lucky because she was lucky to have the opportunities that she got. She also said that she did not hesitate to seize such great opportunities. She stated:

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“I consider myself a person of great fortune. A lucky opportunity came my way early on, and whenever such possibilities presented themselves to me, I tried to seize them.”


As for the evaluation, Minji of NewJeans gave the comments that made her feel the most successful. According to the female idol, hearing from the crowd that they fully appreciated the concert made her very happy. She said it was great motivation for her to continue working hard to please her fans. She further explained, saying:

“The answer I want to hear most from people who have watched us play is that they enjoy the whole time they watch us. I’m glad we were able to convey our excitement while still having fun on stage.”


Last month, Hanni of NewJeans was selected to be the international cosmetics spokesperson for Armani Beauty. Hanni has now joined the ranks of other famous superstars in this coveted profession, including Cate Blanchett, Barbara Palvin and Tessa Thompson. Hyein is also the face of Louis Vuitton, while Danielle is the face of Burberry. Fans are excited to know which luxury brand NewJeans’ Haerin will represent.

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