New Jeans Are Being Criticized Due To Inappropriate Lyrics In Their Debut Album

New Jeans, HYBE’s subagency ADOR’s newest K-Pop ladies group, has taken the internet by storm with their self-titled debut album New Jeans. The clamor, however, is not all favorable. Netizens from all around the globe are outraged by the song Cookie’s improper lyrics and have chastised the agency and band for sexualizing youngsters.

Cookie’s song video was published on August 1 and has already received over 2.5 million views. While the track’s title seems harmless and appropriate for teens under the age of majority, the lyrics appear to be rife with sexual innuendos.

Netizens questioned the lyrics of New Jeans’ recent single Cookie for being indecent.

While the song and video seem benign and unproblematic at first glance, many netizens believe the term cookie is used to represent a sexual metaphor. When Cookie’s lyrics are translated, they become completely improper for lesser artists since they include adult themes and are hypersexualized. The following are some of the song’s double-meaning statements:

“Just looking at my cookie will make you see.” “You can’t just have one mouthful with me.”

“You can have it if you want it.” If you want it more, let me hear you say so.”

New Jeans

When they heard the lyrics, online people all around the globe voiced indignation and contempt. Netizens have expressed concern that the style of young K-Pop singers has an eerie similarity to that of secretaries and other professional outfits, leading many to think that it is wrong. Within a few hours, a post pointing out the problem got hundreds of comments. People were perplexed as to how adults could deem such a song appropriate for a gathering of kids as young as 14.

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Such lyrics, according to netizens, are disturbing and should not be justified at any cost. The majority of the criticism is focused on ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin, who has sparked controversy by pushing material with pedophilic overtones and harmful topics. Min Hee-social Jin’s media postings and studio photos have included sexually charged material with unique pedophilic tones. This has generated worries regarding her leadership of the ADOR’s youthful K-Pop female group, New Jeans, who vary in age from 14 to 18.

New Jeans

Netizens also expressed worry over the group’s attire, which they felt was inappropriate for the musicians’ age. In one of the music videos, an idol wore trousers with a picture of a bikini-clad female on a surfboard on them. Minji, the group’s idol, was spotted wearing a crop top with graphic writing with a nasty term on it in another social media image. These outfits sparked great uproar among netizens, who believed they were completely improper for young stars. Minji, 18, Hani, 18, Danielle, 17, Haerin, 16, and Hyein, 14, make up the five-member band New Jeans.

y’all taking people’s criticism on cookie’s lyrics as an attack on newjeans, y’all have it twisted. it’s CONCERN FOR THESE GIRLS. whoever approved of the lyrics and allowed them to sing is disgusting. people are worried, rightfully so esp after the accusations against their CEO

— ☻ (@fearofkth) August 1, 2022

the lyrics to cookie by newjeans? “look at my cookie come and take a lookie” “you want it dont you” “i wanna see you eat it” “eat my cookie” THESE ARE 04-08 LINERS?? MIN HEEJIN ITS OVER FOR YOU I FEAR. IT REALLY IS…

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— JACK IN THE BOX (@SEOKTENDO) August 1, 2022

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