Nathaniel Huey Jr. passes away in car accident during police chase: Obituary

Romeoville, Illinois, has been left reeling after a horrifying incident claimed the lives of a family of four in the Hampton Park subdivision on Concord Avenue. As the investigation into this tragedy unfolds, one of the suspects involved has also met a grim fate.

The victims, Alberto Rolon (32), Zoraida Bartolomei (38), and their two young boys aged seven and nine, were discovered deceased following a welfare check at their residence on Concord Avenue. The heartbreaking discovery sent shockwaves through the community, leaving questions unanswered and a sense of profound loss.

The investigation quickly focused on 31-year-old Nathaniel C. Huey Jr., who was identified as a suspect from the outset, according to internal investigative records. Huey was spotted fleeing the scene in a 2017 GMC Envoy. Tragically, he was found lifeless inside the vehicle, accompanied by Ermalinda Palomo, who was in critical condition at the time. The family members of Palomo later confirmed her passing in the aftermath of the crash.

Romeoville police issued a statewide alert for Huey and the aforementioned GMC Envoy soon after discovering the family’s tragic fate. The same vehicle, bearing an Illinois license plate, was spotted by Oklahoma State Troopers near Tulsa. Attempting to stop the vehicle, law enforcement initiated a pursuit, which ended in a devastating crash and fire.

During the incident, officers reported hearing two gunshots before discovering a man shot to death in the driver’s seat. Law enforcement officials believe that this man is Nathaniel Huey Jr. A female passenger was also found deceased in her seat, with her condition initially listed as “critical.” Authorities in Romeoville have described her as a “person of interest” but have not yet released her identity.

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In a troubling turn of events, the woman’s family had reported her as “missing and endangered” to Streamwood Police on Tuesday night after she was observed leaving the Streamwood property previously identified by Huey as the location of his private security service.

The Romeoville community is left grappling with the immense tragedy that has unfolded, as law enforcement continues its investigation into the events leading up to the deaths of Alberto Rolon, Zoraida Bartolomei, and their two young sons. The details surrounding this heartbreaking incident are still emerging, and residents are left seeking answers and mourning the loss of their neighbors.

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