Michelle Janice Sherlock dies at the age of 59 in Jacksonville, FL

Michelle Janice Sherlock, Jacksonville – August 28, 2023, marked a day of profound sorrow for the friends and family of Michelle Janice Sherlock, who peacefully passed away at the age of 59. Raymond Aloise, her son from DeLand, Florida, paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother on social media, emphasizing the extraordinary sacrifices she made.

In a touching post, Raymond Aloise expressed his deep love and admiration for his mother, describing her as the best mother in the world. During his final visit with Michelle, although she couldn’t speak, she conveyed her love and selflessness by mouthing the words “kidney, love you.” It was then revealed by a doctor that Michelle wanted her son to know that he would receive her kidney.

Raymond Aloise shared the overwhelming emotions he felt, realizing that his mother had not only given him life once but had now sacrificed her kidneys so that he could continue to live. A hero’s walk was organized for Michelle as she made her way to surgery, and Raymond was given the honor of participating. Immediately afterward, he was wheeled down for his own surgery.

In honor of his mother’s wishes, Raymond vowed to fight with a smile on his face, not only for himself but also for Michelle and all the other strong mothers who love their children unconditionally. Michelle Janice Sherlock was not only a mother but an incredible woman and an advocate for children. She had a wonderful sense of humor and deeply cared for those around her.

Details about Michelle Janice Sherlock’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared by the family at a later time, allowing loved ones to come together to remember and celebrate the life of a remarkable woman.

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In a separate incident, Jacksonville, Florida, also witnessed a tragic loss as Randall Scott Amos, aged 27, reportedly fell down a flight of stairs at the Tailgate Bar and Grill, located across from the stadium where the Florida vs. Georgia football game took place. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported his passing on Saturday night.

Raymond Aloise shared his sorrow on the death of his mother:

“It’s with a heavy heart that I have to say my Beautiful Mother has passed away. My heart isn’t broken it’s shattered but I have to say I have the best mother in the world as I was truly blessed, I know everyone says that but I’m going to tell you why I absolutely do. Visiting my Mother for the last time my Mother couldn’t speak but she would try and mouth words and she mouthed the words “kidney, love you” and the doctor in the room said she wants you to know you’re getting her kidney. I lost it who else’s mother has not only given their life for their son once by having them but twice by sacrificing her kidneys so that I may continue to live. We had a hero’s walk for her on her way to surgery which they let me be apart of then they instantly wheeled me down to be prepped for my own surgery. I’m trying not to be sad and cry because I know damn well she told me not to cry for her so for my mother I’m going to try and put on a smile and I will keep fighting not just for myself but for her and all of the other strong mothers that love their sons and daughters unconditionally. My mothers name was Michelle Sherlock. I hope you all remember her as the hero she is. Michelle Janice Sherlock June 6th 1964. —— August 28th 2023”.

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This unfortunate incident marked the third fatality during the Florida vs. Georgia game weekend in recent years. The event, known as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party,” has faced opposition and scrutiny following previous tragedies involving David Robert Ferguson and Thomas Oliver Brown.

In 2004, Ferguson, aged 19 at the time, went missing after the game, and his body was later found between two buildings. Authorities suspected he had fallen from a parking garage. In October of the previous year, Brown, aged 23, tragically lost his life near the same location. The presidents of the respective educational institutions have since led efforts to challenge the event’s nickname in light of these devastating incidents.

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