McDonald Grimace Shake Viral TikTok Trend takes the internet by storm

If you’ve been online recently, chances are you’ve come across a viral sensation surrounding McDonald’s new Grimace shake. Originally introduced to celebrate the iconic fast food mascot’s 52nd birthday, this berry-flavored smoothie has taken on a life of its own.

The vibrant purple drink has been the subject of jokes, memes, and an increasingly wild series of TikTok videos. In these videos, people sip Grimace shakes and then humorously reenact horror-style death scenes. They playfully let the purple shaker drip out of their mouths, splatter on the floor like blood, or even make it ooze out of their nostrils.


RIP grimaces (and me) #mcdonalds #grimace #milkshake #grimaceshake #birthday #fake death #delicious

♬ Daylight – David Kushner

It was so dark, Grimace himself finally commented on it on June 27 via McDonald’s Twitter account. “meee pretends I don’t see the tendency to shake my face grimacing,” he tweeted with a photo with his eyes wide open as a child.

meee pretends i don’t see the winking trendd

– McDonald’s (@McDonalds) June 27, 2023

All this chaos revolves around the mysterious figure known as Grimace. For years, Grimace remained an enigmatic figure, with McDonald’s only revealing in 2021 that he was, in fact, a person with very good taste buds. In old commercials, Grimace was portrayed as a sly thief.


She walked out with a grimace #grimaceshake #grimacesbirthday

♬ The Attic – Colin Stetson

With such a secret backstory, it’s no wonder that social media users have created even more sinister stories around him. Some have accused the mascot of being a “Criminal”, kidnapping families and having access to nuclear warheads.

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He will be grimly missed #grimaceshake #mcdonalds #trending

♬ Grumpy Sound – Jon & Eli

Despite these myths, the giant purple taste bud claims to be innocent. Grimace even joined the conversation on social media to comment on TikTok trends.


Happy birthday grimace! 🥳 #grimace #mcdonalds #grimaceshake #grimacebirthday #happybirthdaygrimace

♬ original sound – Crystal

Opinions among McDonald’s fans are divided—some love Grimace, while others fear him. For what it’s worth, we’ve had the chance to meet Grimace in person at our office and we can confirm that he’s too likable to be a cold-blooded killer. “He’s the only celebrity I’ve ever worked with who asked to take a picture with me. That’s great,” says our video producer Marc Stauble. “He was always smiling and giving off really positive vibes.”

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