Max Shierlaw of Aberdeen suddenly dies and leaves community in mourning, Obituary

Max Shierlaw, New Zealand – The unexpected and sudden passing of Max Shierlaw has left a profound void in the hearts of those who knew him. He was confirmed to have passed away on Thursday, September 7, 2023, leaving friends and family in shock and sorrow.

Shazly Rasheed expressed her grief by sharing an image with caption,

“I am saddened and shocked to hear of Max’s passing. I had great respect for Max, his passion for local council and community issues were commendable. Max was never afraid to speak out. I didn’t always agree with everything Max said but he never took it personally and we had great debates. When I was a Councillor I admired his commitment to community issues. Max turned up to most meetings as a public speaker and he held us all to account.

Max fought tirelessly for injustices and for freedom of speech. In my opinion most of his views were well thought out. He was a champion for the causes he believed in. He was switched on when it came to finances and he volunteered his services to many not for profit organisations. Hutt has lost a passionate citizen that deeply cared for the city. We need more people like Max. Thank you Max Shierlaw for your service to Hutt City. Gone too soon. Sending my condolences to Saria and family. May you rest in peace. This was a photo taken from my campaign launch in 2019”.

Max Shierlaw’s life was marked by a journey of understanding and mutual respect. Though differences once stood between him and others, he was admired for his unwavering commitment to his beliefs. He stood firm for what he believed was right, and it’s those very differences that made him a unique and respected figure.

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Condolences pour in for Max Shierlaw’s family during this difficult time. As we reflect on his life, we remember a man who dedicated himself to causes close to his heart. While the circumstances surrounding his passing remain undisclosed at this time, the public will be informed as soon as further details become available.

Max Shierlaw, originally from Aberdeen, found his home in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He served as a Hutt City Councillor, lending his expertise to matters related to finance and dedicating his time to non-profit organizations. His contributions extended far beyond profit margins, and his legacy as a staunch supporter of various causes will be fondly remembered.

Meg Gianna share a facebook post which stated:

“So saddened to hear last night that you had suddenly left us yesterday Max Shierlaw You are an irreplaceable friend, who I will miss the convos with, glad to have had one just two weeks ago at our event. Miss the fact we were about to catch up more. You were so giving of your wisdom and skills in the community, and on boards, as well as serving on the council for almost a decade. And so inspirationally strong in your values, faith and stand. We will miss you here in Wellington. My heart goes out to Maxs family, what a loss, and heavens gain. Love and prayers to family 😥🙏”

The loss of Max Shierlaw is deeply felt by the community he served and the people whose lives he touched. His commitment to his convictions and his dedication to bettering the world will be a lasting testament to his memory.

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