Matty Healy Is Facing Backlash After He Made Remark About Ice Spice

On February 9, 2023, the 1975 vocalist Matty Healy appeared on The Adam Friedland Show online. Producer Nick Mullen, Healy, and Friedland all made contentious comments during their presence. However, one of the men’s comments about Ice Spice and her nationality grabbed the public’s attention. It caused internet users to query Matty Healy and the show.

In response to the show, Yungblud defended Ice Spice by naming Healy. This audio show gained a lot of attention and is now popular as people discuss it.

Ice Spice’s background and dialect are discussed by Matty Healy and two show presenters.

Matty Healy of 1975 was highlighted on a recent edition of The Adam Friedland Show program. Mullen, Friedland, and Matty Healy engaged in a passionate debate about the artist Ice Spice during the show. They even had an ill-advised argument about her ancestry and nationality at one point in the audio session. Polynesian, Arctic, and Chinese were all terms used to describe the Munch vocalist. In the course of the discussion, the triumvirate made fun of all three dialects.

Matty Healy

Healy said he had DMed Ice Spice. This prompted a discussion about her appearance. One even went so far as to say:

“She reminds me of an Arctic Spice Girl… This petite Asian woman. ‘I freestyle and create songs,’ he says. “Do Inuits speak in that manner?”

They broke out chuckling after hearing this statement. They imitated the dialects of each race they thought she belonged to, causing outrage on social media. That’s how Cold Spice was, according to Matty Healy. The three continued to speak about her and dubbed her a “beautiful lady who published one single”. Much to viewers’ dismay, one of the presenters questioned Healy if he had slipped into the rapper’s DMs and asked her if she was an “Eskimo”.

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The remarks received little criticism when they first aired, but Yungblud stepped in and made his feelings known on the show.

Yungblud draws the audience’s focus to the problem and supports Ice Spice.

Yungblud posted about the show shortly after it broadcast, criticizing the presenters and Healy for their comments about Ice Spice. When Healy saw the message, he replied with a video ridiculing the performer. He decided to parody another dialect, Yungblud’s heavy Yorkshire drawl, in his Instagram story. He also scribbled “emo” across his forehead. In the film, he also stated that he does not advocate for anything, but rather against it and that he does not have a specific position on anything. He went on to say that he usually opposes the most apparent moral issues.”

Matty Healy

Suffice it to say, Healy’s comments on Ice Spice and, later, Yungblud went global, and he garnered a lot of momentum on social media. As people wondered why he didn’t confront more censure, the performer appeared defiant, which enraged them. Netizens have also started labeling him in messages and informing him about Ice Spice’s nationality.

matty healy BEEN problematic and a real hazard to society but running his mouth on ice spice killed me. I wish somebody else wasn’t my favorite song 💔

— ɖ (@mattelipliner) March 2, 2023

matt healy is such a loser like how does he have such a huge female fanbase

— ratbert hate account (@kiwiburnerr) March 2, 2023

Matty Healy has a large support base that appears to be second-guessing their choice to join him. The Ice Spice controversy isn’t The 1975 singer’s first brush with controversy. During one of his most recent popular acts, he was accused of offering the Nazi gesture. Supporters even questioned whether he was being satirical or anti-Semitic.

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