Matt Gutman Sexuality: Is He Gay? Rumors And Relationship Details

In today’s media environment, journalists’ personal lives are often covered as much as their work. Matt Gutman, ABC News’ Chief National Correspondent, has lately been at the heart of such debates. Many people have speculated about Gutman’s sexuality because of his active support for the LGBTQI+ community.

Matt Gutman’s Private Life

Matt Gutman’s marriage to Rachel: Matt Gutman is no stranger to the public glare, yet his personal life remains just that. He and Rachel have been married since 2007, and they have two amazing children, a boy and a daughter.

Debunking the Rumors

Matt Gutman is not homosexual, contrary to popular belief. He’s been married to his wife for nearly 15 years, and their relationship is proof of their love and dedication. Being an ally to the LGBTQI+ community is not always related to one’s sexuality.

Matt Gutman

Matt Gutman’s Support for the LGBT Community

It is not unusual for prominent personalities to support causes that are important to them. Advocating for the LGBTQI+ community is one such cause for Gutman. His outspoken opposition to discrimination and support for same-sex marriage may raise eyebrows, but his activism does not define his sexuality.

Life with Daphna Venyige

Matt Gutman’s marriage to Daphna Venyige remains pleasant. Daphna was born and reared in California, and she and Gutman have been married for nearly 15 years.

Matt Gutman in the Press

Gutman’s participation in the media is notable, from reporting key events such as the COVID-19 epidemic and the January 6th Capitol assault to the terrible massacre at a gay bar in Colorado Springs. His dedication to providing news with accuracy and precision is unrivaled.

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Matt Gutman

Matt Gutman as a Supporter

Being an ally entails more than simply words; it also entails deeds. Matt Gutman’s outspoken support for LGBTQI+ rights, especially his social media presence, demonstrates his dedication to equality and fairness.


To summarize, although Matt Gutman actively advocates for LGBTQI+ rights, it is critical to distinguish his activism from personal guesses. He is not homosexual and lives a happy life with his wife. Let us honor his efforts without making any personal assumptions.

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