Matante Alex Controversy: What Did She Do? Abuse Case Allegations And Drama

Matante Alex Controversy rages on as people continue to enquire about the alleged abusive behaviors of the well-known Drag Queen. Matante Alex’s actual name is Alexandre Gemme. She is a well-known Montreal drag queen. She is well-known for her work at the legendary Cabaret Mado and for having previously auditioned for La Voix.

Her reputation, however, has been tainted by public claims of aggressiveness and harassment, which have had serious ramifications in the Quebec drag scene. Several people have accused Matante Alex of physical assault and transphobia, resulting in a contentious scenario. Alex has taken legal action in reaction to these allegations, filing a lawsuit against three persons, including two additional drag queens dubbed Denim Pussy and Kiara. Matante Alex believes she is the victim of a “smear campaign” conducted by Denim Pussy and Kiara. These allegations and counter-accusations have provoked intense debates and discussions among members of the local drag scene.

Matante Alex Controversy: Abuse And Drama

Several severe concerns involving Matante Alex arose in November, with several people coming forward to tell their stories. Denim Pussy, a Montreal drag queen, was the first to come out, detailing her connection with Matante Alex from November 2019 until December 2020. Denim accused Alex of being transphobic towards her and one of her trans housemates when they were living together in a post on Twitter and Instagram. She also claimed to have been a victim of physical assault at the hands of Alexandre Gemme (actual name Matante Alex).

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Matante Alex

Kiara, another drag queen who dated Alexandre Gemme from May to December 2018, quickly revealed her claims against Matante Alex. She accused Matante Alex in her article of manipulation, abuse, and psychological harassment throughout their 2020 relationship. Kiara discussed the consequences of the claimed abuse on her mental health and expressed regret for failing to intervene when she observed Denim’s physical attack.

What Are the Allegations Against Matante Alex?

Matante Alex is a drag performer from French Canada who was on the first season of Queen of the Universe. Transphobic conduct, physical aggression, manipulation, abuse, and psychological harassment were among the charges leveled against Matante Alex. Following these disclosures, Daphnée Schryve, a non-binary artist ARTSY, accused Gemme on her Instagram account of being a transphobic abuser and bully.

Daphnée Schryve demanded that Matante Alex be removed from Queens of the Universe. As a consequence, Gemme filed a slander action against three people, including Denim Pussy and Kiara. After a fruitless effort to negotiate a meeting with Denim Pussy and Kiara, Alex refutes all of the charges and files libel cases. Nonetheless, according to defenders’ counsel Maryse Lapointe in Métro, the Superior Court denied his plea for an interim interlocutory order on Tuesday. Alexandre Gemme is suing for $60,000 in moral, material, and punitive damages, as well as $20,000 in legal and extrajudicial costs.

Matante Alex

Following these claims, at least two other people disclosed their abuse experiences with Matante Alex through ephemeral Instagram postings. The condemnations traveled rapidly across the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in the drag scene, sparking debate and raising worries about Matante’s conduct. Despite the continuous issue, Matante continues to pursue her profession. She is presently competing in the singing competition Queen of the Universe, which will be televised globally on December 2. Alex’s involvement in the event, as well as her general image as a drag performer, has surely been harmed by the charges and legal procedures.

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