Marlon Wayans responds to ‘Backlash’ over Montgomery Alabama River Brawl remarks

Marlon Wayans, the well-known American actor and comedian, didn’t shy away from addressing the recent social media storm that followed his comments on the Montgomery Alabama river brawl. The incident took place at the city’s Riverfront Park, where a group of boaters clashed with a security guard, leading to a viral video of the brawl.

In an attempt to bring a touch of humor to the situation, Wayans, who’s famous for his roles in comedies like “The Wayans Bros.,” “Don’t Be a Menace,” and “Scary Movie,” posted a video of the brawl on his Instagram, accompanied by the country song “Try That In A Small Town.” The lyrics, “I recommend you don’t try that in a small town,” were humorously referenced by Wayans in his caption, where he wrote, “How ‘bout we NOT ‘try that in a small town’…. S**t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war.”

However, his satirical take on the situation was met with confusion and misinterpretation, leading some to accuse him of “throwing shade.” Amid the growing misunderstanding, Wayans took to Instagram again to clarify his stance. He addressed the situation in a video, emphasizing that his intention was not to criticize anyone, especially not black people defending themselves. He humorously noted that “nobody knows irony anymore” and elaborated on the connection between his post and the song’s irony.

Did Marlon WAYANS throw shade to the black people in the Montgomery Alabama river brawl? Fans sound off 😳🫣

— Katherine Harris (@IamKatHarris) August 7, 2023

Actor Marlon Wayans humorously defended his initial post, explaining that it was about the irony of the song and not meant to offend anyone. He acknowledged the “false articles, false headlines, false narratives” that sprang up as a result of the misunderstanding, and in his classic witty manner, he stated, “zero f***s.”

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In a world where social media is open to interpretation, Wayans recognized the potential for misconstrued messages and the difficulty of conveying sarcasm online. Through his candid responses, he managed to set the record straight while maintaining his signature comedic style.

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