Mark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, Age

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  • Mark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, Age
  • Public Service
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Mark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, Age

Mark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, Age – A teenage student who wanted to join the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a pilot could never have imagined that his adult life would become involved with Dutch drug cartel godfathers, operations using semi-trailers to manufacture drugs, and millions of dollars in cash.

Mark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, AgeMark Standen Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Now, Release Date, Family, Documentary, Age

However, Mark Standen, a future law student who would go on to become the deputy chief inspector and assistant director of the New South Wales Crime Commission, would become involved in all of that and more.

The St. Patrick’s University student who used to jet ski through the water and scuba dive at Bateau Bay on the central coast of New South Wales would eventually be involved with far larger seagoing boats, such the Sinotrans Shanghai, a cargo ship coming from Pakistan.

Public Service

Despite his initial intentions, Mark Standen joined the Australian Customs Service in 1975, which was later renamed the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. He then joined the National Crime Authority and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which is what he is best known for today.

Mark Standen submitted an application for a job with the Australian Crime Commission in 1993, but not before using his superannuation to settle his significant gambling debts He was approved for transfer to the NSW Crime Commission (NSWCC) in 1996, where he rose to the posts of chief investigator and assistant director, two of the most important law enforcement roles in Australia.

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Corrupt Activities

As one of two Federal Bureau of Narcotics agents who illegally disposed of drugs discovered during a search by flushing them down a toilet at the Old Customs House building in order to avoid performing the paperwork, Mr. Standen was made public during the Stewart Royal Commission in 1982.

As a result of his behavior, he was subject to internal punishments rather than anything more serious like firing or criminal charges for attempting to obstruct justice.

In 2003, Standen was accused of interfering with a witness’ testimony by allegedly threatening him and pressuring him to withdraw from the trial of a global drug kingpin and money launderer.

Target Adversaries

During his career, Standen is thought to have been hell-bent on getting revenge against law enforcement officials who opposed him or voiced their criticism, including members of the Special Crime and Internal Affairs Command Unit (SCIA). Because of his position of authority, he was able to carry this out with little oversight or accountability.

Naguib (Nick) Kaldas, a former deputy NSW police commissioner, was one of more than 100 NSW police officials whose families were under surveillance and phone taps as a result of the Mascot taskforce, which was established in 1999 to look into police misconduct in NSW.

While operation Prospect looked at the subject of taskforce/operation Mascot, which involved monitoring 100 senior NSW police officers for potential corruption, this is a different story.

In an interview with investigative journalist Adam Shand, Professor Kaldas, who was the head of the NSW homicide squad at the time, claimed that Standen led a team within SCIA that included detective inspector Catherine Burn, a possible rival for the top position with the NSW police, and that they had corruptly included him as a target in order to settle old scores.

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Despite the fact that he had a contentious argument with Superintendent John Dolan of the SCIA, a senior SCIA officer, the Professor Kaldas claimed it was retaliation for his time as a police union leader when he had made enemies in politics.

According to classified NSWCC documents, the main informant for Operation Mascot, an agent only known as M5, had admitted to lying to senior SCIA agents, including NSWCC Mark Standen, Superintendent Dolan, and Detective Inspector Catherine Burn that he had lied to obtain warrants from the court.

Given his unrivaled influence, Standen would have viewed it as a chance for a pre-emptive strike to kill anyone who might have started to suspect him and his corrupt colleagues.

The NSWCC should apologize to Operation Mascot targets and remove recordings, according to one of the recommendations made by the ombudsman-led Operation Prospect. In 2003, Mascot was discontinued.

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