Mark Bassano obituary: Lakewood Mechanical Inc. worker killed in car accident in Carnegie, PA

The Carnegie community is grappling with a profound loss as they mourn the sudden passing of Mark Bassano, who tragically departed this world on Thursday, September 21, 2023. Mark will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him during his lifetime.

Reports indicate that Mark was involved in a devastating car accident, and despite valiant efforts, he succumbed to his injuries, leaving a void that can never be filled. As the community comes to terms with this tragedy, they unite in extending their thoughts and prayers to Mark’s grieving family during this incredibly difficult time.

Mark Bassano was not only a respected member of society but also an outstanding Constable for the Carnegie community. His dedication to his role as Constable was evident through his regular presence at community and school events, where he provided protection and support to countless individuals. The sudden loss of Constable Mark Bassano has left a profound impact on the Staff at District Court, who are deeply saddened by his passing.

Born and raised in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, Mark remained a devoted member of his community throughout his life. He attended Carlynton Junior-Senior High School, where he completed his secondary education, leaving a lasting impression on his peers.

“He was a great guy. Super nice. May he rest in peace. Prayers for his family and all who knew and loved him,” expressed Melinda Kidder Smith in a heartfelt statement, encapsulating the sentiments of those who had the privilege of crossing paths with Mark.

Marie Bassano, Mark Bassano’s wife shared a facebook post for Bassano. She stated that:

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Mark,The loss of you will never fade. How much you mean to me and our children will go on forever. We can’t believe you’re gone. I don’t know how we will go on. You did everything for us and more. I don’t want to do life without you. 💔PS Happy Anniversary ❤

Mark Bassano was also a valued worker at Lakewood Mechanical Inc., where his contributions were greatly appreciated. His warm-hearted nature and willingness to lend a helping hand endeared him to all who knew him.

The loss of Mark Bassano is not just a personal tragedy but is also deeply felt by the entire Carnegie community, which valued him for the tremendous value he brought to their lives. As one friend aptly put it, “He was a wonderful man who would help you with anything you needed.”

During this difficult time, the general public is urged to keep the entire Bassano family in their thoughts and prayers, offering support as they navigate through the unimaginable loss of Mark. His memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

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