Maria Menounos And Keven Undergaro Are Expecting Their First Child

Maria Menounos, a famous journalist, television personality and actress, and her husband, Keven Undergaro, are expecting their first child. Their rep verified the news and Maria also shared an ultrasound video on Instagram with Keven. Maria emphasizes in the video clip that it is her child. Maria spoke to People about her pregnancy adventures, saying,

“After a decade of trying everything, we are grateful to the wonderful family that supported us with our pregnancy. Keven, my father and I were all very happy when this spirit entered our lives. “What a gift.”

Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro got married on New Year’s Eve 2017, followed by another wedding the following year. The couple started dating in 1998 and got engaged in March 2016.

Keven Undergaro, husband of Maria Menounos, is the originator of AfterBuzz TV.

Keven Undergaro, 55 years old, just graduated from Saint Anselm College. He quickly became interested in making a career in Hollywood. Undergaro began his career as a screenwriter for the MTV dating game show Singled Out. He made an indie film that was not well received and caused him financial hardship. He chose to help with Maria Menounos’ career after meeting her and learning all he could about the entertainment business.

Maria Menounos

Undergaro is best known for co-creating AfterBuzz TV with his wife, Maria Menounos. They built a forum to talk about the crime show AMC Breaking Bad. AfterBuzz TV has become famous for its podcasts after screenings of various TV shows. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the site is said to have stopped creating programs. Keven is also recognized as the co-creator and executive producer of the ABC show #DanceBattleAmerica. He is the writer and director of the dark comedy Adventures of Serial Buddies, and the producer of Netflix’s This Is Not Funny.

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Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro’s Journey to Parenthood

Maria Menounos discussed her path to motherhood in an interview with People in February 2022. She said she didn’t anticipate it would take this long and that each day that passes her He became even more angry. On the advice of Kim Kardashian, the couple opted for surrogacy but in 2021 they were startled to discover that their first surrogate was not medically suitable. Maria stated,

“My fertility doctor suggested a sham cycle because we only have two very healthy embryos and wanted two. The lining of the uterus will not grow to the point where it can be safely implanted and the embryo will attach. We would have lost our only shot if we hadn’t taken it [a mimic cycle].”

Maria Menounos

Maria was worried as the couple looked for another surrogate. She even mentioned her mother’s death, saying she was sorry that her mother wouldn’t be able to see her grandchildren. According to Menounos, she told her mother that she and Keven were planning to have a baby. She added that when her mother passed away, she was trying to discover her purpose in life and was content to lose herself in order to take care of her mother.

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