Marcus Dohring, 501st Legion missing member, found dead in Franklin, TN

FranklinTennessee – The 501st Legion is mourning the tragic loss of Marcus Dohring, their esteemed Public Relations Officer, who was reported missing on a fateful Wednesday afternoon and subsequently discovered deceased. Marcus Dohring leaves behind a legacy of kindness, warmth, and generosity that will forever be cherished by those who had the privilege of knowing him. In this article, we pay tribute to Marcus Dohring, celebrating his life and exploring the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing.

Marcus Dohring was a remarkable individual with a heart of gold. He held the prestigious role of Legion Public Relations Officer at The 501st Legion, a testament to his dedication to serving his community. Beyond his involvement with the Legion, he was also employed at V. Alexander & Co., Inc., underscoring his commitment to his profession. His educational journey led him to the University of Maryland Global Campus, with his academic foundation beginning at Castro Valley High School. Originally hailing from Berlin, Germany, Marcus had found love and companionship in his marriage to Lisa Cantrell Dohring, described as a person of beauty and kindness.

One of Marcus’s defining traits was his wonderful sense of humor and an unwavering passion for all things Star Wars. His love for the Star Wars universe ran deep, leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to know him.

The New England Garrison, deeply saddened by the loss of their esteemed member Marcus Dohring, revealed the heart-wrenching news of his passing. Marcus, who resided in Franklin, Tennessee, was discovered deceased, and it is believed that he took his own life after grappling with depression for an extended period. Reports indicate that Marcus was reported missing on that Wednesday afternoon, prompting his friends to share his photos and heartfelt messages on social media in honor of his memory. Albin Johnson, in a touching tribute, remembered Marcus as a paragon of nobility and goodness within their fellowship, highlighting his infectious smile, selfless energy, humility, and unwavering commitment to service.

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In this moment of profound grief, The 501st Legion pays tribute to the enduring spirit of Marcus Dohring and the positive impact he had on the lives of those around him.

The family of Marcus Dohring will share details about his obituary and funeral arrangements at a later time. At present, the family is taking the necessary time to heal and navigate this challenging situation. When they are prepared, further updates regarding funeral plans will be provided.

In the wake of this heartbreaking loss, The 501st Legion and the larger community mourn the passing of Marcus Dohring, a cherished friend and colleague who will be dearly missed. As they grieve his absence, they also extend a message of hope and support to those facing difficult times, emphasizing the importance of reaching out to others in moments of darkness.

In honor of Marcus Dohring’s memory, The 501st Legion stands together, united in their grief and determination to keep his legacy alive.

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