Manjhi The Mountain Man Real Story

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Manjhi The Mountain Man Real Story

Manjhi The Mountain Man Real Story – The following is Dashrath Manjhi’s actual biography, also known as the “Mountain Man.”

Manjhi The Mountain Man Real StoryManjhi The Mountain Man Real Story

Poor laborer Dashrath Manjhi came from Gehlaur village, which is close to Gaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. His wife Falguni passed away in 1959 while giving birth to their fifth child. She was headed for the closest hospital, but due to a mountain ridge blocking the way, she was unable to get there in time.

The death of his wife devastated Manjhi. In order to prevent other women from meeting the same fate as his wife, he made the decision to cut a path through the mountain. He used only a hammer and chisel while working on the path for 22 years. He made a route that was 30 feet wide and 25 feet high by clearing 360 feet of rock and soil.

The “Path of Hope” was the name of the route. Gehlaur’s travel time to the closest hospital was cut in half, from 55 kilometers to 15 kilometers. In 2006, Manjhi received the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor. At the age of 73, he passed away in 2007.

The life of Manjhi is an inspiration to people throughout. He demonstrated how even the smallest individual can have a significant impact. He serves as a reminder that despite how challenging our goals may seem, we should never give up on them.

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In 2015, a film titled “Manjhi – The Mountain Man” based on Dashrath Manjhi’s life was released. Nawazuddin Siddiqui played Manjhi in the Ketan Mehta-helmed film. The film enjoyed both critical and financial success.

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