Maisie Williams Opened About Her Traumatic Relationship With Her Father

Maisie Williams, an English actress, has spoken out about her difficult childhood connection with her father and how it has impacted her.

During an interview with Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO podcast, the 25-year-old actress described her connection with her father as “difficult.” According to Williams:

“I suppose I didn’t realize a lot of the horrific things that were occurring were incorrect.” But I knew – I’d glance around at other kids and wonder, “Why don’t they seem to grasp this agony, dread, or fear?” “Where does the delight come from, and when will it arrive for me?”

Maisie also described how one of her instructors noticed something was wrong with her when she was eight and struggled to sleep. She remembered that her father’s predicament had “reached its apex.” That’s when the instructor brought her to the staff room to check on her.

Williams commented on the teacher’s “correct questions,” saying:

“And she was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ you know, what’s happened?” Are you starving? ‘Did you have your breakfast?’ ‘No,’ I responded. ‘Oh, why not?’ she said. ‘We simply don’t have any breakfast,’ I said. And then she asks, ‘Do you usually eat breakfast?’ When her mother picked her up from school that day, she remarked that it was the first time all of the doors were open, as well as “the first time items were on the table.”

Maisie Williams

She continued, saying:

“I still wanted to argue and tell you that these things aren’t bad, that you’re simply trying to separate me from my father.” In certain ways, I was brainwashed. That’s probably why I’m enamored with cults. Because, you know, I understand it. I understand. I was a member of a juvenile cult.”

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Maisie Williams, on the other hand, did not go into depth about her connection with her father since she said that it had harmed her and her family.

What you should know about Maisie Williams’ parents

Williams and Hilary Pitt Frances gave birth to Maisie Williams on April 15, 1997. According to the Evening Standard, Frances worked as a university administrator before becoming her personal assistant. Her original father’s occupation is unclear, but her stepfather, with whom she has a strong relationship, is a business consultant.

Maisie Williams is the youngest of four siblings and often updates on social media about her two brothers, James and Ted, and sister Beth. The Game of Thrones star’s parents split when she was young, and she previously told Vulture that she “never wants to get married.” She believes marriage is “very meaningless,” and although she understands why others marry, she believes it is not for her. She continued, saying:

“Because I’ll never marry, I constantly do patterns on my wedding ring fingers, even though I’ll never wear a ring there.”

Despite the fact that Maisie Williams grew up with both of her parents, she exclusively credits her mother with performing the role of both parents in her and her siblings’ upbringing. Maisie Williams mentioned in a 2016 People Magazine interview that her mother is a breast cancer survivor who has been through a lot in her life. Despite the fact that things had gone wrong for her, she described her mother as “caring and gorgeous.”

Maisie Williams

Maisie continued:

“She has survived several occasions… surviving relationships, breast cancer, and is continually seeking to do more to assist others.” While Maisie Williams does not discuss her father much, she said in a recent podcast interview that she feels “liberated and free,” but suffers from emotions “just like the impending doom is sort of still there.”

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The New Mutants actor also admitted to having mental health concerns as a result of her prior traumas.

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