Magic Johnson Net Worth: How Much Has He Earn? Lifestyle And Career

Magic Johnson’s net worth is $600 million, making him one of the NBA’s most legendary names. Magic Johnson is an American basketball player who won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. He was a strong competitor who helped his high school team win the state championship in 1977. He led Michigan State to the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship in 1979, beating Larry Bird and Indiana State.

Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan. Earvin Sr. worked on the assembly line at General Motors, while his mother, Christine, was a school janitor. After seeing his role models on the floor, Magic acquired a keen interest in basketball at an early age. In high school, he earned the moniker “Magic” for his inventive and entertaining ballhandling.

Magic Johnson’s Net Worth and Salary

Magic Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $600 million as of September 2023. During his playing career, he earned more than $18 million in pay and several million more in endorsements. Johnson opted to pursue a business career after retiring from professional basketball in 1996. After retiring, he formed Magic Johnson Enterprises, which increased his riches even more. Apart from his commercial pursuits, he made a lot of money through his several lucrative endorsement agreements.

Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson lives a lavish lifestyle as a result of the enormous quantities of money he has acquired as a great basketball superstar. Magic has always enjoyed playing basketball since he was a youngster. Perhaps it was his love of the game that made him one of the best basketball players of all time. Johnson also has a daughter, Elisa, whom he and his wife Cookie adopted in 1995. He also has a son from a previous marriage, Andre Johnson.

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Magic Johnson Charity

Johnson has worked as a businessman, philanthropist, broadcaster, motivational speaker, and champion for HIV/AIDS prevention and safe sex since his retirement. Johnson has been a vocal champion for the HIV community since his HIV diagnosis. In 1999, he was the main speaker at the United Nations World AIDS Day Conference.

Magic Johnson also serves as the Magic Johnson Foundation’s chairman and CEO. The Magic Johnson Foundation was founded in 1991 with the purpose of “fighting HIV/AIDS via grantmaking.” “The Foundation strives to develop programs and fund community-based organizations that address the educational, health, and social needs of ethnically diverse metropolitan neighborhoods,” according to the foundation’s website.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s Professional Life

Magic took over as Lakers coach at the end of the 1994 season at the request of then-owner Jerry Buss, but the team ended 5-11. Johnson was named one of the NBA’s 50 All-Time Great Players in 1996. Three NBA MVP titles, nine NBA finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, and ten All-NBA First and Second Team honors are among Johnson’s career accomplishments. Magic Johnson just agreed to join the Los Angeles Lakers’ advisory board.

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