Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Killer, Son, Age, Net Worth, Dateline

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Killer, Son, Age, Net Worth, Dateline

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Killer, Son, Age, Net Worth, Dateline – Ariet Girgis was awakened by a break-in at her home one night in September 2004. She was with her son, who was then 17 years old. When the invaders killed the 55-year-old in the end, Ariet’s terrifying night only grew worse. The residence was not, however, robbed. Nearly a decade later, the query regarding whether it might have been a targeted attack was resolved. Magdi Girgis, Ariet’s estranged husband, was found guilty of planning his wife’s murder. The television show “Evil Lives Here: He Won’t Tell Us Why” on Investigation Discovery is based on the true story of a family that was torn apart from the inside. Wondering what motivated Magdi to do the crime and what his current whereabouts may be?

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Killer, Son, Age, Net Worth, DatelineMagdi Girgis Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Killer, Son, Age, Net Worth, Dateline

Magdi Girgis Wiki

Ariet, his wife, and Magdi Faiz Girgis were Egyptian immigrants. After Magdi received his green card, the two, who were in an arranged marriage, relocated to the United States. Magdi was a respiratory therapist at the time, and they had been wed for about 25 years. Richard and Ryan, their two boys, were born to them both. They appeared to be a content family living in the Californian suburb of Westminster. However, the reality was far different from how Ariet had imagined her life to be in the United States.

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The majority of Magdi’s time was spent at work, and his sons described him as being overbearing. They claimed that he would demand Ariet give him her income in exchange for a meager stipend. The couple’s financial situation was the main source of their problems. When Magdi allegedly struck Ariet in 2004, the situation worsened. She had a broken nose and a black eye as a result. Ariet was planning to divorce Magdi and had requested a restraining order against him, so there was no turning back from there. Soon after, Magdi left the house.

Ariet was residing in the Westminster home when attackers broke in during the early hours of September 29, 2004. Before Ariet was slain, one of the two attackers handcuffed Ryan and forced him into a closet. Ryan was a high school student at the time. She was nearly decapitated after being repeatedly stabbed and her throat was cut. There was no concrete proof connecting Magdi to the crime, despite his suspicions. Due to the possibility of losing his license to practice law as a result of the past domestic violence case, as well as the possibility of missing out on assets in the divorce, the authorities concluded that he had a motivation.

Before being taken up by a cold case section a few years later, the case was left unsolved. The DNA from the shoelace that was used to tie up Ryan was linked to Anthony Edward Bridget in 2011 because to advancements in DNA technology. Since he wouldn’t speak, the police had to conduct an undercover operation where they pretended to be Anthony’s pals and sought money from Magdi to conceal the contract killing. After providing the “hush money” to the police, Magdi was taken into custody.

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Where is Magdi Girgis now?

Magdi was detained and accused of planning to have his wife killed in 2013. He received a life sentence without the possibility of parole at his sentencing in June 2014. 2018 saw Anthony receive the same penalty for the murder-for-hire. The identity of the second intruder has not yet been established.

Magdi insisted on his innocence at his sentencing. He said, “You are about to sentence an innocent man. God is my witness, too. I had nothing to do with my wife’s murder. He is still detained at the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California, according to prison records.

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