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Lyndrea Price (born 1978) is Venus and Serena Williams’ older sister. Lyndrea is living her dreams as a creative costumier, despite not being as well known as her younger sisters, whose names are well-known in the tennis world.

Lyndrea is not as famous or wealthy as her half-siblings, but she has accomplished a lot in her life. She prefers to maintain a low profile and avoids the spotlight for the most part. Lyndrea, on the other hand, does not shy away from showing her sisters love both on and off the court. Here’s everything you need to know about this ebony beauty who has been a rock for the Williams sisters.

Lyndrea PriceLyndrea Price


Orascene Price and Yusef Rasheed had Lyndrea Price in 1978. Price is very private, so specific information about her, such as her birthplace and birthday, is not available to the public.

She is the third and youngest daughter of her parents. There is no evidence that her parents were married, but they had three daughters together, the youngest of whom is Lyndrea. Yetunde and Isha are her two older sisters.

The three sisters were the only offspring of Oracene’s marriage to Yusef Rasheed. That is, until 1980 when she married Richard Williams. They welcomed the famous Williams sisters within a year of each other during their 22-year marriage. This makes Venus and Serena half-sisters to Lyndrea. The sisters grew up in Michigan together until the late 1980s, when they moved to California and then Florida. Lyndrea is said to be well-educated, but there are currently few details available. She was said to have graduated from a nearby high school in her Michigan community before going on to college. The name of the college she attended and the degree she received are not revealed.

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Lyndrea Price Mother

Lyndrea Price is Oracene and Yusef Rasheed’s daughter. Her mother is a well-known tennis coach, retired nurse, and feminist activist. Her father’s identity is unknown, but Oracene’s relationship with him ended in 1979 when he died of a heart attack. Lyndrea’s mother met and married Richard Williams III a year later, with whom she had world-class tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams. Although Richard Williams never officially adopted Lyndrea and her sisters, he did adopt them and provide for them until their mother divorced him in 2002. Lyndrea was already an independent adult at the time.

Oracene is still alive and well, and she is frequently seen at her children’s sporting events. This proud mother, like her daughter Lyndrea, prefers to live her life away from the constant flash of cameras. She also does not have a social media presence.

Are Venus and Serena Half-sisters To Lyndrea?

Lyndrea and the Williams sisters have striking similarities and a close sisterly bond. However, as previously stated, they are not full siblings. Serena and Venus are the children of Oracene’s second marriage to Richard Williams, while Lyndrea is the daughter of Oracene and the late Nigerian-American businessman Yusuf Rasheed.

Venus was born in 1980, so she is two years her senior. Serena Williams was born in 1981, one year after her older sister. Lyndrea is three years Serena’s junior.

Serena and Venus are the greatest tennis players in history. On the one hand, Serena has won 23 grand slam singles titles, making her the world’s second most successful player. Although Venus’s career was not as successful as her sister’s, she did win seven grand slam titles.

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Both sisters are extremely wealthy and are widely regarded as the greatest American athletes of all time. All three sisters were recently featured in the documentary ‘King Richard,’ which detailed how Richard Williams coached his daughters to international athletic success.

Is Lyndrea Price A Tennis Player

According to Oracene’s biography, she and Richard attempted to coach Lyndrea and her sister Isha into becoming professional tennis players. This plan, however, failed because Lyndrea had no interest in the game. She only played tennis for a few years, even until college, before giving it up to pursue something more meaningful to her.

She hasn’t said much about whether she regrets not continuing her parents’ training after seeing how big Serena and Venus became. However, it appears that Lyndrea has found complete fulfillment in a different path.

Lyndrea Price Profession

Lyndrea Price is a Web Designer, Businesswoman, and Fashion Designer who is reasonably accomplished in her field. She is a well-known costume designer who has worked on the sets of several major Hollywood productions. She has also worked as a web designer, creating fliers and logos for various companies.

Ember Lynn Designs and Suave, a sportswear line she co-founded with her half-sister, Venus, are two notable companies she has worked with. She is currently employed as a creative web designer for the company Wechatz. Lyndrea’s net worth was estimated to be $150k in 2022.

Lyndrea Price’s Husband

Vernon Imani is the husband of Lyndrea Price. Little is known about Lyndrea’s husband’s background, but Vernon works as an assistant at the American Campus Committee. The two were first seen together at an Instagram get-together party in 2016. While there was no official wedding announcement or photographs, an official document stating that Lyndrea had taken the Imani surname was sufficient proof that the two lovebirds had married. They do not currently have any children.

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