Lupe Tijerina Passed Away At The Age Of 75

Lupe Tijerina Martinez, a well-known singer, died in an automobile accident on September 23. Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s singer, 69, was remembered by one of its members, Mario Quintero, who said:

“Our heartfelt sympathies to the whole Tijerina family on the passing of Mr. Don Lupe Tijerina, accordionist and 2nd. Voice of Los Cadetes de Linares, a group that contributed significantly to the history of norteno music on an international level.”

Lupe Tijerina Martinez cause of death

Lupe was killed in an automobile accident on the New Mexico highway around kilometer 40. His son shared the specifics, saying he didn’t know whether his father had a heart attack or fell asleep behind the wheel at the time of the accident. He added that the vehicle in which his father was riding had been entirely damaged. He concluded by noting that the family has received several calls and that it would be difficult for him and his family to adjust to not having Lupe around.

Lupe Tijerina

Lupe was going from New Mexico City to Braxton when the event occurred at 5 a.m. Lupe’s son said that details concerning his father’s burial will be released shortly.

All About Lupe Martinez

Lupe, who was born in 1953, rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s as the leader of the Los Cadetes de Linares band. Guadalupe Tijerina’s cousin brought her musical enthusiasm to several venues in Mexico and, more particularly, in the United States, where he resided. He performed on stage with bands such as Los Tigres del Norte. He was best known as a member of Los Cadetes de Linares, a band that appeared in a number of Mexican films.

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Homero Guerrero founded Los Cadetes de Linares in 1960 in Linares, Nuevo Leon, and they began by performing at different events, family gatherings, and schools. In 1961, Adan Moreno joined them as an accordionist, and they started performing in Linares. Following Moreno’s departure in 1967, Samuel Zapata joined the ensemble, followed in 1968 by Candelario Villareal. After joining the group, Lupe recorded Los Dos Amigos with Guerrero in 1974. The band performed multiple singles while touring in cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles.

Lupe Tijerina

When Guerrero died in February 1982, Rosendo Cantu took over as bandleader and the band continued to play. Later, the band disbanded. Martinez’s survivors include family members whose identities are unknown.

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