Lulu Sosa Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Release Date, Daughter, Birthday, Documentary, Prison

Lulu Sosa Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Release Date, Daughter, Birthday, Documentary, Prison

Lulu Sosa Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Release Date, Daughter, Birthday, Documentary, Prison – In its forthcoming episode titled Dance With Me, airing on Investigation Discovery on June 12th, 2022, American Monster, the popular and intensely compelling true-crime program, will revisit the astounding and terrifying murder conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa.

Lulu Sosa Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Release Date, Daughter, Birthday, Documentary, PrisonLulu Sosa Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Release Date, Daughter, Birthday, Documentary, Prison

With previously unreleased film of victims and perpetrators attempting to remain hidden from view, ID’s American Monster delves deeply into some of the most shocking and surprising criminal cases. It then documents them in the most authentic way imaginable.

The episode of American Monster scheduled for Sunday, June 12, 2022, has viewers very interested in how it will play out since it will focus on the incredibly exciting case of Ramon Sosa, who faked his own death with the assistance of his friend Mundo and the police in order to have his ex-wife Lulu Sosa jailed.

So without further ado, let’s get started and learn everything there is to know about Ramon Sosa’s ex-wife Lulu before the next Investigation Discovery episode of American Monster airs.

Who is Lulu Sosa and what she did do?

Lulu Sosa, formerly known as Maria DeLourdes, is a Mexican mother of two who met her ex-husband Ramon Sosa in Houston, Texas, in 2007. Ramon Sosa is a former boxer and the proprietor of a well-known boxing facility. They reportedly fell passionately in love and married soon after in 2009. At the time, Ramon Sosa was divorced and had three children from his first marriage. At first, their union appeared to be picture-perfect. They even collaborated to open a second boxing gym. Lulu oversaw all of the financial matters in addition to working as a trainer there.

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However, after six years of marriage, serious problems started to emerge, and the couple split up when Lulu allegedly accused Ramon of physically abusing her. Ramon vehemently disputed the allegations. Lulu apparently engaged a divorce attorney in 2015 to start the divorce process.

Lulu went on to arrange to hire a hitman to assassinate her husband Ramon Sosa before their divorce agreement was final, so it seems that something else, something more terrible, was forming in her thoughts.

Ramon Sosa, however, ended up being fortunate enough to practically escape harm since his friend Mundo overheard Lulu and her daughter plotting to kill Ramon and told him about it. They then took the case to the police, who at the time were unable to assist them due to a lack of proof. After that, Ramon and Mundo allegedly devised their own cunning scheme to trick Lulu into thinking that Mundo was assisting her in hiring the hitman to kill Ramon. Later on in this extremely intriguing strategy, the cops also became involved.

What happened to Lulu Sosa?

The two pals’ intentions to have Lulu arrested reportedly went one step further thanks to the police. In order to complete the task of killing Lulu’s husband Ramon Sosa, they dispatched an undercover agent to her who pretended to be the hitman and took jewels and cash from her.

The cops allegedly also forced Ramon to pose as a deceased guy in a recently dug grave with a fictitious gunshot wound to his head. In order to convince Lulu that her husband Ramon was no longer alive, they photographed him in such manner.

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Lulu reportedly decided to give the undercover agent acting as the hitman extra money and items after seeing the picture and learning that Ramon was dead. Lulu was charged and taken into custody for soliciting a capital murder the very next day.

She served fifteen months in jail before pleading guilty in October 2016 and receiving a shorter term. By doing so, she avoided receiving a life sentence. Reports state that she received a 20-year prison term.

Lulu is currently serving a 20-year term at the Crain Unit in Texas, where she will remain until her scheduled release on August 22, 2025.

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