Luke Higgins, 40-year-old, passes away after being assaulted in Cardiff

Cardiff, UK – Luke Higgins, a 40-year-old father of four, tragically passed away in the hospital on Saturday, September 16, succumbing to critical injuries sustained in an alleged assault in Cardiff city center. The incident took place in Hansen Street during the early hours of Thursday, prompting a swift police response.

Luke Higgins, a cherished individual described as a “much-loved father, brother, and uncle” by his family, faced a severe assault that left the community devastated. The South Wales Police swiftly took action, cordoning off parts of Callaghan Square and initiating forensic examinations in the affected areas, including near the Huggard Centre.

After a valiant battle, Mr. Higgins, residing on Tyndall Street, tragically lost his life at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. His family, grappling with the immense loss, conveyed their deep grief over the passing of a beloved family member, emphasizing his role as a loving father and a vital presence in a close-knit family of nine siblings.

Before Mr. Higgins’s untimely passing, David Smith, 43, of Hansen Street, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm on September 15. However, following Higgins’s demise, the South Wales Police Major Investigation Team has escalated the case, collaborating closely with the Crown Prosecution Service.

David Smith remains in custody, having appeared in court on September 16. His next appearance is scheduled at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday, October 16. The South Wales Police has assured Mr. Higgins’s family of continuous updates and unwavering support through dedicated family liaison officers.

The community mourns the loss of Luke Higgins, emphasizing the need for justice and standing in unity to combat violence and ensure the safety and well-being of all its members.

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